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Hecklers Humiliate Hillary Clinton at Columbia: ‘American Will Never Forgive You!’ – ‘You Will Burn!’


Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was humiliated by hecklers while giving an address at Columbia University.

The former secretary of State was giving a speech on the prevention of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV).

However, Clinton was abruptly interrupted by heckling protestors who blasted her as a “war criminal” and warned she “will burn.”

The event aimed to shed light on the use of sexual violence in conflict zones.

It was co-hosted by the Institute of Global Politics (IGP) at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS).

SIPA had recently launched the Institute of Global Politics (IGP),.

Hillary served as the chair of the IGP Faculty Advisory Board.

However, the narrative swiftly shifted as a protestor’s outcry echoed through the hall.

As Clinton took the stage, the protesters held nothing back, with one yelling out:

“You are a war criminal!…

“The people of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and the people of America will never forgive you!

“You will burn!”

The protestor then began to chant, “Free Palestine!”

A total of three different protesters interrupted the event, Jose Vega reported.


Clinton is no stranger to being heckled at Columbia University, however.

During an event at Columbia’s SIPA for the UDHR’s 75th-anniversary celebration last year, Clinton faced a similar confrontation.

A protester named Robert Castle accused Clinton of hypocrisy regarding the current administration’s foreign policy.

He characterized the agenda promoted by Hillary, the Democrats, and President Joe Biden as “warmongering.”

During that encounter, Clinton attempted to defuse the situation, inviting Castle to speak with her “outside” after the event.

However, he persisted in his criticisms, accusing the political establishment of representing the interests of the global elite and not the American people.

“Can you please make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech?” Castle said.

“This is a clearly warmongering speech.

“President Joe Biden is calling for $100 billion of funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

“And we’re supposed to just bundle these together and pretend like we’re going to rush to World War Three, and we’re all just going to let Hillary Rodham Clinton sit here? Okay.”

In response, Clinton nervously noted, “I’m sorry.

“This is not the way to have a conversation.

“You’re welcome to come talk to me.”

Refusing to back down, Castle fired back:

“I do not believe you. But respectfully, I do not believe you.

“And the fact of the matter is that the American people’s voices are what need to be heard because our president is not speaking for the American people and neither are you…

“This is people constructing narratives that are openly hypocritical.”