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Hours After Judge Orders Trump to Pay $83M – Donald Fires Back with 8 Powerful Words


Political enemies have painted a huge target on the back of former President Donald Trump. He is being forced to fight expensive civil and criminal lawsuits waged against him.

Legal challenges have also been filed in dozens of states where lawsuits seek to eliminate him from the 2024 Republican primary ballot ahead of the presidential election. Trump continues to battle lawsuits in New York, Georgia, and Washington, D.C.

One of the wackiest legal attacks against Trump to date is the defamation lawsuit filed against him by writer E. Jean Carroll.

A New York jury last week awarded her $83.3 million for defaming her in 2019 after he furiously denied her allegations against him. She said the former president sexually assaulted her in the 1990s. Trump had a harsh response for all her claims.

From Breitbart:
“I don’t even know who this woman is,” Trump said in a video statement. “I have no idea who she is [or] where she came from. This is another scam. It’s a political witch hunt. And, somehow, we’re gonna have to fight this up. We cannot let our country go into this abyss. This is disgraceful.”

Trump has vowed to fight back against the jury’s decision. His legal team plans to argue the case up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

The defamation lawsuit stems from Carroll’s claims that the incident in question took place decades ago. The case, including her testimony, to some observers created more questions than it answered.

Breitbart reported that Carroll claimed she wore a dress during the alleged attack that was not available in the original year she said it happened, as pointed out by Trump’s lawyers. There are no witnesses to this alleged event, and Trump has repeatedly denied her allegations.

Questions also surround the people supporting Carroll in her lawsuit. Carroll is backed by Democrat operatives, including anti-Trump Democrat megadonor Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn who, according to Breitbart, has admitted to visiting convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

Trump railed against the legal process that led to the jury’s decision and how he is treated in legal cases like this. He claimed that Carroll lied about support from the Democrat operatives and the judge didn’t allow that into evidence.

“The whole thing is a scam,” Trump said. “And it’s a shame, and it’s a disgrace to our country.”

News reports show jurors in the defamation case reportedly reached a unanimous decision. They ordered Trump to pay $11 million for a reputational repair program, $7.3 million in other compensatory damages, and $65 million in punitive damages.

Reports stated that Carroll “broke out into a huge grin after the verdict was read” and gave her attorneys huge hugs.

Source: Breitbart