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Hours After Mayorkas ‘Escapes’ Impeachment – Speaker Johnson Unloads 1 Shock Promise


Congress and the media have been all abuzz about the GOP-lead impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Republicans want him tossed from his position over his handling of the ongoing border crisis.

Republicans say Mayorkas has run afoul of the Constitution by not enforcing federal immigration law. The secretary’s actions are a dereliction of duty, GOP members state, and he has lied to Congress.

Mayorkas’ actions are impeachable offenses in the eyes of Republicans, and the House voted Wednesday on impeachment articles against the secretary. The measure failed, but Republican leadership said impeachment efforts haven’t finished.

From The Daily Wire:
“Last night was a setback, but democracy is messy,” Johnson said in response to a question on impeachment, noting the House GOP has a “razor thin margin” over the Democrats.

That thin majority was upended in the impeachment vote when three Republicans voted with every Democrat in the House. Democrats even wheeled in Rep. Al Green (D-TX) to cast his vote. Green showed up at the last moment in a wheelchair straight from the hospital. He had been recovering from abdominal surgery.

“Sometimes when you’re counting votes and people show up when they’re not expected to be in the building, that changes the equation,” Johnson said. “We will pass those articles of impeachment. We’ll do it on the next time round.”

Republicans who broke rank to side with Democrats in the impeachment vote argued that border security problems deal with policy differences and not impeachable offenses.

Johnson did not provide a date for the next vote. He criticized Democrats for their opposition in the House. GOP Vice Chairman Blake Moore (R-UT) was forced to flip to a “no” vote as the tally was about to close. This broke a tie vote, and because his flip caused the measure to fail Republicans can strike up another push to revisit the impeachment resolution.

“It was a mess what happened here, but we’re cleaning it up … I don’t think this is a reflection on the leader, it’s a reflection on the body itself,” Johnson said.

The House also failed to pass a $17.6 billion Israel aid package with open opposition from Democrats. This came as the Senate works to pass a $118 billion spending package that delivers funds for Ukraine, Israel, and other foreign causes.

“I have made very clear that you have to address these issues on their own merits,” Johnson said, “and Israel desperately needs the assistance, everyone knows that.”

Source: The Daily Wire