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Hours After Trump Scores Massive Victory – He Gives Nikki Haley 1 Stunning Piece of Advice


Donald Trump won his second state in the primary race. He is currently leading. Many experts believe the race is already over. Despite this, Nikki Haley continues to remain in the battle.

Some have pointed out that the delegates she earned from New Hampshire were thanks to votes from non-Republicans. It seems unlikely she can count on that in the next primary state, South Carolina.

On the night Trump won New Hampshire, he was asked about Nikki Haley. And he gave his former ally a piece of advice. Do you think she’ll follow it?

From Fox News:
Fox News projected Trump would win the New Hampshire primary just a few minutes after the final polls closed. The primary saw record turnout despite some predictions that low energy among voters would depress the vote.

Trump told Fox News Digital that he was “very honored” by the support he received from voters, and declared that the Republican Party was “very united” behind his candidacy.

When asked if he felt Haley would suspend her campaign, he said, “I don’t know. She should.”

Reporters asked Trump if he thought Haley would suspend her campaign, after losing New Hampshire. Trump answered that he didn’t know if she would. But followed that up by saying, “She should.”

Trump had long called on the Republican Party to end the debates and get behind his campaign. He warned that the party needed to unite to defeat Joe Biden. Now that Trump has won two, strong victories, he is probably even more convinced that the party needs to get behind his campaign.

According to most polls, Haley is trailing behind Trump by double digits in South Carolina. Even though it is her home state, where she once served as governor, it does not seem likely that she can defeat the former president.

Trump went on to say that Haley should drop out, so the party could stop wasting money. He called on the GOP to focus its resources on stopping Joe Biden. If Haley is destined to lose the primaries, every dollar she spends now is going to fail.

Perhaps she should take Trump’s advice, and save some money and her face.