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Trump Shocks Democrats with NH Victory – Donald Once Again Makes Election History…


Donald Trump secured his momentum after winning a decisive victory in Iowa. The former president won the largest percentage of the vote than any previous Republican candidate.

Trump’s victory has convinced many Republicans that he will be the 2024 nominee.

Some say Haley’s still a threat, despite losing to Trump in Iowa and now New Hampshire. But few Americans will buy that, after learning how Trump made history again.

From The Post Millennial:
President Donald J. Trump scored a decisive victory on Tuesday night in New Hampshire, and also set a new record.

As renowned pollster Rich Baris points out, Trump demolished the record for most votes ever cast for a presidential candidate in an NH primary. The record was previously held by Bernie Sanders in 2016.

In 2016, Sanders received 152,193 votes, crushing Hillary Clinton.

At time of publication, 152,565 votes were cast for President Trump, with 13% of the votes still yet to be tallied.

Donald Trump won the most votes by a presidential candidate in New Hampshire primary history. The previous record holder was Bernie Sanders, who defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 with 152,193 votes.

But with most of the votes counted, Trump has won 168,640 votes (according to NBC News). There was record turnout in this primary, with more voters coming out than seen before. Trump took the lion’s share of their votes, with Nikki Haley only bringing in 134,046 votes.

Polling has revealed that most of the votes cast for Haley were from Democrats and independents.

Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire on the same day—though his campaign failed to get him on the ballot. Biden fell far short of the original record, bringing in only 69,666 votes.

Trump’s record will come as bad news for many Democrats, who were desperately hoping another candidate would topple him. Trump had been leading in the polls by a wide margin for mothers. Now that he’s won two states, his momentum is only growing.

Source: The Post MillennialNBC News