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Hours Before Biden’s Big 2024 Announcement – GOP Unveils Website That Has Joe Sweating


What’s Happening:

Thanks to the liberal media, a man like Joe Biden can say almost anything he wants. For a long time now, Biden’s made claims about Republicans, the economy, his own party that are far from the truth.

But the MSM and even social media, refuse to call out his misleading claims.

How is this going to affect the 2024 Election? Biden is responsible for inflation, an open border, a declining economy, and conflict all over the world. But he’s not going to talk about that. Who is going to keep him honest? I guess, once again, it’s up to Republicans. And they just launched a way to do it.

From Fox News:

With President Biden widely anticipated to announce his bid for re-election, the Republican National Committee is launching a website dedicated to fact-checking the president in real time.

The RNC says it aims to make “factcheckbiden.com,” the president’s “least favorite website.”

“Not only has Biden created crisis after crisis, he lies about the damage that he’s done to our country. Whether it’s claiming that the border is secure, that our economy is strong, or that the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success, Biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge the truth,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

The Republican National Convention just launched a website called “factcheckbiden.com.” The website already has numerous posts confronting the false claims Biden has made. Whether it’s about his own personal history to the state of the country, Joe plays fast and loose with the truth.

This website is aimed at calling out every claim Biden makes, even in real-time. As the election heats up, Biden will be giving speeches, releasing ads, and making other claims about his failed presidency. He will do what he can to whitewash his many failures.

The RNC website will supposedly call out these claims, with the facts, as Joe makes them.

This is sure to be a thorn in his campaign’s side. Political campaigns thrive on spinning the facts to benefit their candidate. That often means, for failures like Joe, distorting the truth to the point where it no longer resembles reality.

Hopefully, this website will gain steam and prove a useful tool for confronting Biden’s errors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans launched a website that will fact check Joe Biden in real-time.
  • Factcheckbiden.com will call out Joe, when he makes false claims.
  • Biden frequently distorts facts, but is never called out by the MSM.

Source: Fox News