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Insider Report Exposes Biden Family Scandal – Joe Helped “Cover Up” 1 Terrible Tragedy


Joe Biden has suffered great personal tragedy in his life and he has covered for members of his family who have caused great personal tragedy. More information has been revealed about Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, who was connected to a hit-and-run that killed a single father.

Questions remain about how much Joe knew about the accident and what sway his political influence may have had to help his brother.

Joe’s influence and apparent help in covering for his family is detailed in the book Breaking Biden by Alexander Marlow. Marlow declares in his book that Joe Biden helped Frank Biden avoid financial responsibilities in the hit-and-run death involving Frank’s car.

Frank let another person drive his car in 1999 because Frank had a suspended license. That person pleaded guilty to “felony hit and run” charges after speeding and hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The pedestrian was killed. Frank was sued for wrongful death by the two daughters of the victim. He never showed up to court and the girls were awarded a final judgment for Frank to pay each girl $275,000l.

Frank never paid and a plea years later to then Senator Joe Biden didn’t help. Joe wrote a letter saying his brother was without the financial means to pay.

From Breitbart:
“Frank has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment,” Joe’s letter to the girls stated. “The Senator regrets that this is where matters stand and that he cannot be more helpful.”

The orphaned girls were apparently left with nothing while Frank Biden continued his lifestyle. Contrary to what Joe stated in the letter, according to Marlow, was that just days before Joe’s letter the IRS slapped frank with a lien for $23,638.59 in unpaid taxes. He owed more than $32,000 at the time, according to Marlow, and eventually paid the full IRS bill which showed he had income at the time Joe wrote that he didn’t.

After two decades of avoiding the financial responsibility, The Daily Mail reported that in 2019 Frank Biden finally agreed to pay the Albanos some of the $900,000 debt he owed.

What may be even more shocking about Joe’s responses in these situations is that his wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, age 30, and their infant daughter, Naomi, were killed in a car crash on December 18, 1972. This opens the question as to why Joe doesn’t work more to help victims in cases involving his family members.

Source: Breitbart