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‘Jeopardy!’ On The Hot Seat After Pronoun Clue: ‘Never Watching Again’


‘Jeopardy!’ Sparks Backlash After Pronoun Clue: ‘Never Watching Again’

“Jeopardy,” the long-running and popular game show, has struggled since the passing of beloved host Alex Trebek.

Attempting to maintain viewership, the show has rotated in various hosts and offered more variety on question categories and play format.

However, the latest attempt to remain relevant is not sitting well with many loyal fans.

Controversy followed a question category and question presented during Monday’s Tournament of ChampionsDuring a quarterfinal matchup, contestant Cris Pannullo chose to field a question from the category, “Speech! Parts of Speech!”

Choosing a “question for $600,” Pannullo was presented with the statement, “Xem, Xyrs, Xemself.” The contestant responded: “What are pronouns?”

Host Ken Jennings indicated that Pannullo’s answer was correct, saying, “Those are pronouns. Neopronouns.”

It was not Jennings’ answer, but the question that sparked backlash. Many fans felt the question indicated a bent to accommodate and endorse “woke culture,” whereas the show “Jeopardy” has a history of spotlighting acuity on more substantive matters.

The exchange was posted to X, along with the caption: “Jeopardy asked about xem/xyrs/xemself ‘pronouns’ during last night’s show. How would you answer this?”

One disgruntled viewer posted: “I still watch Jeopardy every day but their questions and answers keep getting weirder and weirder. When [former host] Alex Trebek was still alive we never had any of this.”

Radio host Mike Opelka posted: “Dear God, we’ve lost #Jeopardy to the woke insanity.

Newsweek reported the growing list of pronouns now includes (but is not limited to) she, her, hers, he, him, his, they, them, thon, thons, hir, ze, zir, zie, xe, xem, xyr, fae, faer, e, ey, em, eir, per, pers, co, cos, ve, ver, vis, vi, vir, ne, nir, nirs, nee, ner, ners, mer and mers.