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Joe Manchin Devastated by Surprise Report – The Senator’s 1 Mistake Could End His Career


West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin once received support from Republicans. He openly opposed Joe Biden’s socialist spending plans and even voted against his own party on a number of measures.

But ever since the Summer of 2022, Manchin has surprisingly embraced Biden’s much-maligned agenda.

The senator had previously been considered a good rival to the flagging president. But now, according to a new poll, he no longer has the support of his own state.

From The Post Millennial:
A new survey of West Virginia residents found that Republican Governor and US Senate candidate Jim Justice will sail past Sen. Manchin (D-WV) 41-28 in a hypothetical 2024 Senate race.

A majority of West Virginia voters (51 percent) believe Biden stole the 2020 election, while only 25 percent believe it was a legitimate victory.

Former President Trump notably did not lose a single county of West Virginia during the 2020 election.

Sen. Manchin hails from a deeply conservative state. And the latest polls show the Republican candidate for his seat, Gov. Jim Justice, is crushing Manchin by 13 points. The latest poll of West Virginia voters picked Justice over Manchin, 41-28.

Manchin is in serious danger of losing his seat in the upcoming election. This is most likely due to his support of Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” from last year. Manchin’s vote was key in Biden securing the massive spending bill, which many experts (including Democrat senators) revealed would not lower inflation.

Manchin reportedly agreed to the bill, in exchange for support to build a fuel pipeline to West Virginia. But progressive Democrats in the House killed that side deal, leaving Manchin with nothing.

Voter sentiment has appeared to turn against him since then. His odds of winning re-election are growing dim with each passing month. For a time, it appeared as if the senator was considering a presidential run, because he would get far more support outside of West Virginia than inside.

Manchin has recently issued strong support for Biden’s agenda. He claimed it was only “messaging” that convinced voters the economy was bad–not the rampant inflation brought on by Biden’s policies.

Source: The Post Millennial