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DeSantis Puts Biden to Shame With 1 Brave Move – He Should Get a Medal for This


The Biden administration has been criticized over its handling of Americans stranded in Israel. As war ramps up between Israel and Hamas, American citizens are caught in the crossfire. At first, the State Department offered no help to Americans.

It told stranded citizens to purchase commercial flights, just hours after major airlines grounded planes. Critics likened Biden’s response to his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, which resulted in American service members’ deaths.

The State Department has since provided flights for Americans trying to flee the war. Yet critics were harsh again after it came out that Biden was only flying Americans to Greece and required them to pay back the government for the flights. Now, one Republican candidate for president is fixing this problem.

From Daily Wire:
An airlift operation initiated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis evacuated 300 American citizens trapped inside Israel and is set to arrive in Florida on Sunday night…

DeSantis signed an executive order on Thursday authorizing the state to conduct rescue and evacuation operations in Israel following Hamas’ deadly terror attacks last weekend, which have killed well over two dozen Americans.

Gov. DeSantis signed an order to rescue and evacuate 300 Americans from war-ravaged Israel, flying them directly to Tampa, Florida. In the order, DeSantis criticized Biden for failing to “launch any form of rescue or evacuation operations.”

The Florida governor also extended an offer to Americans Biden left in Athens, saying his office “may be able” to assist them. DeSantis encouraged citizens to circulate an online form to those stuck in Israel or Europe.

Many critics slammed Biden’s State Department for seemingly failing to provide help to Americans stuck in the crossfire. They compared it to Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, which failed to evacuate all Americans.

Biden’s State Department reportedly abandoned hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan and thousands of Afghan allies in danger of Taliban retribution.

Source: Daily Wire