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Joe Rogan Makes Shock Biden Statement – Reveals the Real Leader Of the Country


As Biden’s administration was hit with one problem after another, it looked as if some Americans were seeing the light. It is becoming very hard for non-conservatives to claim Joe Biden has been a big success.

Unless you are a hardcore Democrat (who’s put your head in the sand), you know that this administration is in trouble.

Comedian and popular podcaster Joe Rogan talked about Biden and the upcoming election. Video of his comments has gone viral. He shocked some by discussing who he’d vote for this year. And he revealed who is really running the country.

From The Post Millennial:
“I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden,” Rogan said. “Just ’cause I think with Biden, he’s gone. Like you know he’s gone. So you’re gonna be relying on his cabinet. And I knew his cabinet would be this f*cking sideshow of diversity. Which is exactly what it is.”

“You can’t have those kind of people running a Ben & Jerry’s, you certainly can’t have those kind of people running the f*cking most powerful government the world has ever known. It’s nuts. It’s nuts!”

Joe Rogan shocked some of his listeners when he said he’d vote for Trump before he’d vote for Biden. The comedian and podcast host revealed he thought Biden was “gone.” He is no doubt commenting on the belief of many that Biden is suffering from some age-related cognitive decline.

Rogan went on to blast Biden’s cabinet and agency heads. He said they were a “sideshow of diversity.” We know that many of the people Biden picked to run the federal government were chosen because of their race, gender, or sexuality. Whether or not they were competent for their jobs has been heavily criticized.

From the Pentagon to the Department of Transportation, the people Biden picked to lead seem to fit a woke checklist. Rogan hilarious said these people are not qualified to run a “Ben and Jerry’s” let alone the government.

Many critics have blamed Biden’s cabinet for the many crises hitting America. Some agree with Rogan that Biden is not calling the shots. Instead, his handlers and cabinet leaders are doing whatever they please, without guidance from the president.

That could very well be why America has an open border, unchecked crime, rampant inflation, and other neglected problems.

Source: The Post Millennial