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John Durham Calls Out Schiff To His Face, Makes A Fool Of Adam Over False Trump-Russia Collusion Story


Special Counsel John Durham called out Dem Rep Adam Schiff, the main spreader of misinformation regarding the false Trump Russia collusion story, to his face during today’s hearings.

Schiff thought he had Durham cornered by the Special Counsel turned the tables on the soon-to-be censored Schiff. Adam said:

“The son of a presidential candidate gets calls all the time from a foreign government offering dirt on their opponent. Is that what you’re saying?”

Durham fired back: “I don’t think this is unique in your experience.”

Schiff stammered: “Uh, so you, uh, you…”

SCHIFF: “You also sought to get the Inspector General to change his conclusion…”

DURHAM: “If you wanna go there, we asked the Inspector General to take a look at the intelligence…”

SCHIFF: “You thought it was appropriate for you to intervene…?!”

DURHAM: “Your premise isn’t right!”

Jonathan Turley broke down some of the action:

“Schiff is actually trying to revive the Trump Tower meeting as a “secret meeting” with Russians — a matter long rejected as having any criminal components. 

“Schiff just said it was illegal to conspire to get dirt from the Russians. 

“It is a highly ironic moment since the Clinton campaign went to Russians to get dirt on Trump and was accused of being a conduit for Russian intelligence.

“This is the same Schiff who assured the public that he had evidence of Russian collusion and then never shared it.

“Now Schiff is accusing Durham of violating rules in discussing the investigation publicly.

“Schiff accused Durham of acting “inappropriately” in responding to the Inspector General report but Durham noted that he was asked, with others, to review and critique the report.

“Durham just said that, when he showed a key agent the information withheld from him in Crossfire Hurricane, he said that agent became emotional and left the room.

“He described him as upset by what the director and others held back from them.

“Durham said that within three days of the account from the bar, a full investigation was ordered on a weekend by Peter Strzok who was later fired for bias.

“Durham just shut down the Democratic members who repeatedly accused him of learning of evidence against Trump in Italy and taking no steps to investigate. 

“He said that they did investigate those claims and “it came to nothing.” Nadler and others made the allegation.”