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President Biden Flops Hard on Live TV – Troubling Gaffe Makes Even Democrats Cringe

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Just one day ago, we brought you news about Joe Biden’s latest bizarre comment. Even his own staff didn’t understand why he said, “God save the queen, man” while discussing gun control. It seems with each passing day, Biden shows us that his mental state is deteriorating.

And it just keeps getting worse.

Old Joe was in California to give a speech on the environment. Yes, if Biden expects to win in 2024, he can’t hide in his basement as he did in 2020. So, he is reluctantly making appearances around the country to stir up what support is left for this 80-year-old Democrat. But while talking about his radical climate agenda, he made this vow. It was not as impressive as he expected it to be.

From The Post Millennial:

During his latest presser in Palo Alto, California, President Biden delivered remarks about climate change. He claimed his most important commitment “by 2020 [is to] have conserved 30% of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over and simultaneously reduce emissions to blunt climate impact.”

Uh… what? Leaving aside his idiotic goal of abandoning 30% of our land, Biden claims he wants to achieve this extreme goal in 2020? Biden is so out of his depth, that he doesn’t realize his goal is three years late.

Did he mean 2030? 2025? We have no idea. The man continues to show us that he has lost his grasp on basic facts and figures.

And to think, this man who wants to impose a climate agenda so extreme, it would leave our nation in ruins.

California has long enacted extreme climate measures like the one Joe vowed. And what do they have to show for it? Crippling droughts in the summer that lead to wildfires, all thanks to the fact that loggers can maintain their forests.

Then, when the rains come, that unkempt wilderness produces mudslides that leave countless homeless. This is what the left does to our environment, making it unlivable. And this is what Joe Biden, a man who doesn’t even know what year it is, will do to the entire country!

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden vowed to impose radical climate restrictions “by 2020.”
  • Biden continues to show a lack of mental ability, through gaffes and blunders.
  • Biden’s radical climate agenda would destroy the environment, forcing Americans to abandon it.

Source: The Post Millennial