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Just Hours After Kamala Invites Dem Leader into Her Home – She Gets Blindsided and Betrayed


In recent weeks, we have noticed a growing rift among Democrats. Progressives are taking a stand that seems to be opposing the policy of the rest of the party.

Some Democrats have openly defied President Biden over this major issue.

This problem only appears to be getting worse. A state Democrat attended a holiday party at Vice President Harris’s home. Shortly after, she had this to say.

From Washington Examiner:
A Democratic state representative said she wouldn’t vote for President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024, even after visiting Harris’s home for a holiday party…

Wilson-Anton, donning a headscarf, took it off during the event, revealing that it said “Ceasefire.” She shouted out to Harris, asking, “I’m a state rep. from Delaware — did you know that in Bethlehem, they’re not celebrating Christmas … that baby Jesus is under rubble?”

Muslim Democrat Madinah Wilson-Anton, a state lawmaker from Delaware, stated she will not be voting for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in the upcoming election.

She had recently attended a holiday party at the U.S. Naval Observatory, the home of Vice President Harris. When Kamala got up to speak, Wilson-Anton interrupted with demands over Gaza.

The Muslim woman removed her headscarf, which said “Ceasefire.” She proceeded to lecture Harris on the administration’s policy to support Israel during its war with Hamas.

Harris did not respond to her questions and had the Democrat escorted from the event.

It appears many left-leaning Muslims are turning on Biden since Hamas attacked Israel. The Jewish nation was the victim of a horrible attack. Yet Muslims appear to be responding with more hostility toward Israel.

Progressive Democrats in Congress have also criticized Biden’s policies, as have members of his own administration. Thus far, the president has refused to withdraw support from Israel. But if pressure continues to mount, it’s unclear what might happen.

Source: Washington Examiner