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Kamala Could Lose Her Job Very Soon – Washington Report Claims Vice President Replacement Process Needs Review


In recent days, we’ve heard reports that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s relationship was deteriorating. Stories have come out revealing that Biden’s office was outraged over Harris’s lack of performance, and the disarray of her own office. Harris’s people then accused Biden’s office of not supporting her.

This all comes as Harris is polling worse than Joe, at 28% in some polls. Harris has hardly been a star in the administration, struggling to add any accomplishments to her name. This was once considered the frontrunner for the next Democrat presidential candidate. But now, a new development could mean the end of her role in this administration.

From Breitbart:

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram revealed on Tuesday that he received a “cryptic email” from a well-connected Washington, DC, insider advising him to learn about the process for replacing a United States vice president…

“But I got an email from somebody who really knows this place very well, who said, ‘Chad, start to familiarize yourself with the confirmation process just not in the Senate but the House for a vice president,’” he added.

And here’s more from Pergram on Fox News:

Fox News correspondent, Chad Pergram, told the network that he received a tip from a D.C. insider that he should familiarize himself with the congressional process for selecting a vice president. Pergram, who appeared well-versed in the process, revealed the last time this took place was when Ford stepped into the White House and selected his own VP.

What does this mean? It could mean nothing or it could mean major changes are ahead. We know that Biden and Harris are on the rocks. It seems the Biden office no longer supports or believes in Harris’s performance. Considering the low approval numbers for the administration, it is possible that Joe will get rid of Harris and find someone that can improve his image.

If that were the case, he’d need Congress to confirm his selection.

Another possibility is that the administration is preparing for Biden to step down and for Harris to take his place. In that case, Harris would be picking her own VP. That might be a little less likely, given how poorly Harris is perceived by Americans—and Biden’s stubborn refusal to admit his missteps.

There is another option, however. Many people believe Biden is in poor health. He might be reaching the point where he has to step down. But, unwilling to hand over the administration to low-polling Harris, wants to pick a new successor before he leaves. If that were the case, he’d need to quickly confirm a new VP, then announce his resignation.

What is really going on? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fox News correspondent revealed he received an email about replacing the VP.
  • The email tipped him off to the congressional process for replacing a vice president.
  • This comes as rumors swirl that Harris is on the outs with Joe Biden.

Source: BreitbartYouTube