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Kamala Suffers Christmas Day Humiliation – This 1 Photo Makes Her a Holiday Laughingstock


Kamala Harris has not enjoyed a stellar career as vice president. The Democrat has some of the worst approval numbers in the history of the office.

Many appear to criticize her for many gaffes and confusing speeches filled with “word salads.” And that is not getting into her far-left political priorities.

And it doesn’t appear that Harris has been able to find a way to remedy the situation. On Christmas Day, she posted a selfie with her husband, which claimed they were preparing dinner for the family that day. But a lone clock seems to be exposing them.

From Breitbart:
Vice President Kamala Harris on Christmas Day posted a seemingly down-to-earth photo of her and husband Doug Emhoff preparing a festive dinner in their kitchen…

The photo was posted about 1:30 p.m. EST, when many families were making Christmas dinner.

However, a digital clock in the background of the photo said it was around 2:30 p.m. EST on Sunday.

Kamala Harris posted a photo on Christmas claiming she and her husband were making “Christmas beef Wellington.” The picture showcased them in casual clothing. Harris was wearing an apron. It looked like a “down to earth” moment that could humanize the unlikeable politician.

But users pointed out that, while she posted the image on Christmas afternoon, a clock revealed it was taken the day before. Some are suggesting the photo was staged and that the family was not, in fact, a real Christmas moment.

Democrats quickly came to Harris’s defense, claiming she must have taken the picture the day before. But this is further speculation, as the vice president did not state this in the photo. Furthermore, posting it on Christmas Day would suggest it was taken on that day.

It was posted to X at 1:30 EST, around the time most families are preparing Christmas dinner. Would the vice president stage a photograph and time it to be released on Christmas, just for the positive PR?

That is unknown. However, some critics are connecting this moment with Harris’s reputation for bad communication.

Source: Breitbart