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Top Republican Gets a Nightmare Christmas “Gift” – This 1 Action Can’t Be Tolerated in America


Although Americans might have strong opinions about our leaders, even they should be able to enjoy the Christmas season.

Congress takes a recess and lawmakers return home to celebrate with their families.

But it appears some leftists didn’t want one, outspoken Republican to enjoy her holiday. Because someone made a dishonest call to the Suicide Hotline and tried to send police to her home.

From Daily Wire:
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on Monday that she was swatted at her home on Christmas, which she estimated was approximately the eighth time that it has happened to her…

A spokesperson for the Rome Police Department in Georgia confirmed the incident in a statement that noted “this is not the first incident.”

Republican congresswoman from Georgia, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, revealed that someone tried to “swat” her on Christmas. “Swatting” is a harassment tactic where someone issues a false report to the police, hoping to get a SWAT team to raid a person’s home.

According to MTG, this is the eighth time someone has tried to do this to her family. But this might be the first time someone did it on Christmas Day. Her local police intercepted the call, which came in the form of a man claiming he shot his girlfriend and wanted to kill himself (to provoke cops to go to MTG’s home).

But because this happens so frequently, the local police were able to contact MTG and decide it was a fraudulent call. It is unclear if police can track the call and bring this criminal to justice.

Swatting, along with “doxxing,” are vile ways leftists have tried to intimidate and harass conservative Americans. Both methods involve endangering a Republican and their family, by exposing their home to public threats. In at least one case, a swatting incident resulted in a person’s death.

Doxxed Republicans have seen dangerous individuals try to enter their homes. Republican Sen. Paul Rand has even been physically confronted by an assailant, thanks to someone doxxing him.
Critics will surely wonder how leftists can consider themselves on the “right side” of history when they are trying to endanger a woman’s life on Christmas. MTG is a wife and mother; this person could have easily hurt her family.

Perhaps Democrats need to take a hard look at themselves.

Source: Daily Wire