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Kari Lake Delivers Her 2024 Prediction – And Tells Patriots They Must Do 1 Thing Immediately


The first GOP debate was held last week. It scored a massive win for cable television, bringing in a reported 12 million viewers. Despite a lack of the GOP frontrunner, millions of Americans tuned in to hear from eight politicians running for president.

We are still months away from primary voting, but Republicans are already making up their mind. No matter what happens, Republicans have to choose a man who they think can defeat failed President Joe Biden. Arizona Republican Kari Lake weighed in on the election. And she is making this demand of the party.

From The Hill:

“I think, eventually, the Republicans will unite around President Trump. He’s dominating, obviously, if you look at the poll numbers, nobody can even touch him,” Lake said…

“Americans from all walks of life are tired of it. They want President Trump back. And I think that the Republican Party will unite behind him, hopefully sooner rather than later, so we can defeat Joe Biden,” she said.

Kari Lake, who lost her 2022 governor bid, predicted that the GOP will “unite” around Donald Trump. She pointed to Trump’s surging poll numbers. Even after four indictments from the left, Trump is seeing his support only grow.

But Lake is also warning the party not to waste time. She said it must get behind Trump “sooner rather than later.” It seems her priority is in seeing Joe Biden defeated. Under Biden, the country has stagnated. Inflation has robbed millions of Americans of wealth and opportunity. The open border is a national security crisis.

Biden is selling us out to China and Ukraine. And that is all just for starters.

It appears Lake thinks the only person who can defeat Biden is Trump. And she thinks the sooner the party gets on board with that, the better it can build a strategy to defeat old Joe.

She might not have to wait very long. With every attack from the left, Trump’s popularity rises. Some polls have him close to 70%. It might not be long before Trump has all of the primary votes, regardless of debates or campaigning.

Source: The Hill