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Kari Lake Puts Joe Biden On Notice: “We’re going to invoke our Article One, Section 10, authority to take care of our own border and protect our own border”


GOP gubernatorial candidate in Arizona Kari Lake went on CBS’ Face the Nation to tell President Joe Biden time is up and he has failed at the border. She said she will form a compact with other states to enforce the border laws if Biden will not. Lake is tied with the Dem candidate in most polls.

MAJOR GARRETT: We’ll get to that, I promise. Your website is detailed and specific on the question of immigration and border security. You call, if elected as governor, for Arizona to join other states to form what you call a compact to carry out border security separate from the federal government, including arrest and detention. For the benefit of Arizona voters, can you explain the legal and practical application of this approach?

LAKE: Well, of course, if you know the Constitution, you know that Article 4, Section 4 calls for the federal government to protect us from invasion, and under Joe Biden’s lack of leadership, we just aren’t seeing that. And we have an invasion at our border, the cartels, these Narco terrorist groups have operational control.

And they’re using Arizona to smuggle people, to traffic children and to traffic the most dangerous drug we’ve ever seen, fentanyl. 

“And so we’re going to invoke our Article One, Section 10, basically, authority to take care of our own border and protect our own border. It’s right there in black and white in the Constitution.

And we meet all three criteria, we have an invasion, our people are in imminent danger, and time is of the essence. There’s no time for delay.

So we’re going to have other states offer help. I’ve already got a couple other governors who are willing to help out.

And I know that if you ask people in other states that are not border states, they deem this crisis on the border as one of the top issues facing our country–

MAJOR GARRETT: Would Arizona–

LAKE: with young people dying of fentanyl poisoning right now.

MAJOR GARRETT: Would Arizona go it alone if it didn’t get this compact agreement with other states?

LAKE: Yes, we will. But I believe we will get help. I’ve already talked to some other governors and they’re- they’re vowing to help us out wherever they can, because they realize that what comes into Arizona, fentanyl, people coming here illegally, children being trafficked, doesn’t stay in Arizona, it goes to all 50 states.

And I just spoke last week to a mother and father who lost their son. And it’s just tragic. We’re losing more people to fentanyl in Arizona, since Joe Biden took office than we lost in 9/11 or during COVID.

MAJOR GARRETT: If, as there would likely be, federal challenges were presented, would you as governor await for those federal challenges to this state compact be resolved? And would you respect them if they were to any way impinge upon or restrict or nullify the state compact approach?

LAKE: We will, we will challenge the federal government. If they’re going to challenge us, I think we have the right to do this.

And we will have attorneys file lawsuits as well. But we’re not going to back down and let our people be overrun with drugs, watch our children die. We had a 16 year old die here in the metro area last week from a fentanyl overdose.

We can’t keep having this happen. We’re losing our young generation.

So I hope that Joe Biden doesn’t fight us because then it would really look like he is on the side of the cartels.

And I don’t think he wants the people to think that

MAJOR GARRETT:  Your website also says that Washington D.C. incentivizes illegal immigration to satisfy, quote, big business lust for cheap labor.

Does that big business lust reside in Arizona at all?

LAKE: I think it resides everywhere. And we saw it with Nancy Pelosi last week. I mean, it was the most racist thing. I think I’ve heard her say although she said quite a few things that are offensive.

She said these people coming in illegally should go pick fruit in the South. I mean, I couldn’t believe my ears, MAJOR, when I heard that. We want to make sure that our middle class and our working class are healthy.

The Democrats used to care about our working class. And now they appear that they don’t. They want to see 5 million people come in.

These 5 million people were this thing. They’re not staying on the streets. It’s American citizens who are homeless.

And they’re taking jobs from hard working Arizonans, and we’re going to start putting Arizona first and protecting our citizens in this state.

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