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Kellyanne Conway Makes Dems Panic, Says 2024 Race is ‘Over’ If Trump Gets 1 Thing


Joe Biden and Democrats have held an edge in certain voter demographics for decades. Republicans were rarely able to gain ground among these voters and Democrats believed there would never be a challenge to their dominance among these voters.

However, that all changed when former President Donald Trump started showing traditionally faithful Democrat voters that Democrats weren’t necessarily their best bet. During his four years, Trump made in-roads that no other Republican in decades was able to accomplish. And that trend appears to continue.

Pundits have warned Democrats that if they don’t pay attention, Trump could flip the 2024 presidential election in his favor by attracting voters that Democrats must have to win. Trump could deliver a whole new meaning to diversity among voters.

From Fox News:
“It’s game over,” said Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor during the Trump administration. She highlighted how Trump has made huge gains among Black voters heading into the 2024 presidential election.

“Folks, he doesn’t need to get 50% of the Black vote,” Conway said. “If he gets anywhere near (20%), this is over.”

Trump has made deliberate efforts during his 2024 campaign to visit with voters in the heart of major Democrat strongholds such as Detroit and the South Bronx. He visits leaders in these urban centers and asks them what they need and how he can help.

Conway said Trump doesn’t need to gain 50% of the vote among Blacks, Hispanics, young people, labor union households, and women. He just needs to do better than most Republicans, Conway said.

An example is the shift in sentiment among black voters that is apparently growing stronger as November nears. A Wall Street Journal poll in April found 30% of black voters were planning to ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ vote for Trump over Biden. This is an unprecedented swing from the 2020 election where Biden overwhelmingly took 92% of the black vote.

Biden’s approval among Black voters is at 70%, down from 86% in 2020. By contrast, Trump has tripled his support among Black voters since 2020 from 7% to 21%.

Black voters accounted for 13.5% of all eligible voters in 2020 and that number is expected to reach 14% in the 2024 election. If that 21% support from black voters for Trump holds true on election day, it could spell disaster for Biden’s hopes for re-election.

Source: Fox News