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KJP Stuns Audience with Pitiful Move – Here’s Her Jaw-Dropping Reaction to 1 Burning Question


The White House press secretaries under President Biden have failed to impress Americans. The last one left the administration in a hurry, for a lucrative job with the mainstream media. The current one, Karine Jean-Pierre, has often come under fire for refusing to answer reporters’ questions.

She has even scolded the press for asking tough questions. Often, she has walked out of press briefings, unwilling to answer to the public.

Recently, she did an interview over the phone with a radio show. The host, WBT News Director Mark Garrison, prodded Biden’s press secretary with questions that most Americans want to know. Very quickly, KJP became defensive and rude. But when one question came up, she did the unthinkable.

From Daily Wire:
KJP lost her cool during an interview with Charlotte’s WBT News Director Mark Garrison during a live radio interview after Garrison asked her about Biden’s mental fitness for office and the high costs of everyday products…

“That Mark, Mark, I can’t even believe you’re asking me this question. That is a credibly offensive question to ask…”

KJP then abruptly hung up the phone as the line went to a dial tone.

“Wow!” Garrison responded. “Wow!”

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got angry after Garrison asked her about Joe Biden’s mental fitness. As in other times she’s been asked this, she tried to turn the question about on the interviewer. She made it seem like he was wrong to ask something so obvious.

Millions of Americans have commented on Biden’s mental struggles. Only Democrats appear unwilling to admit something is wrong with him. But, as expected, KJP claimed doctors have claimed Biden is in “perfect health,” despite signs of decline.

The host went on to ask KJP about the massive inflation that has gone on under Biden’s leadership. He also pressed about the rising gas prices that have crippled many Americans.

Again, KJP was angry and defensive, even though this is a legitimate question—especially during an election year. The press secretary claimed Biden “understands” how Americans feel, despite being a rich elitist. She then said that Biden has “taken action” on gas prices, but left out how he shut down drilling.

Then she abruptly hung up on the reporter.

We are not surprised she did that. The White House press secretary is supposed to answer to the public for the president. She is supposed to communicate honestly and professionally about what the administration is doing.

When have we ever seen KJP do that?

Source: Daily Wire