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MAJOR BLOW: Judge Admonishes Jack Smith’s Prosecutor, Shuts Down Proposed Trial Date As “Unrealistic”


In a significant blow to Special Counsel Jack Smith, Judge Aileen Cannon just shut down his proposed trial date in the classified documents case against President Trump.

Originally, the classified docs trial was scheduled to begin May 20.

But yesterday, Jack Smith proposed that the trial against Trump be moved back to July 8 — that’s one week before the RNC convention (election interference, much?)

President Trump countered with his own proposed date of August 12.

This morning, a hearing was held in Florida to discuss potentially moving the trial date.

Trump arrived at the hearing just before 10 AM.

President Trump was greeted by a flurry of supporters, who lined up outside the courthouse to encourage him.

During the hearing, Judge Cannon heard arguments from both sides and ultimately called Jack Smith’s proposal “unrealistic.”

She also admonished Smith’s prosecutor for trying to blame Trump’s attorney for taking on the classified docs and Bragg case.

Judge Cannon has not decided on the trial date, yet.

But, she does seem inclined to throw out Jack Smith’s proposal.

The Guardian reported:

The federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s criminal case over his retention of classified documents appeared inclined to reject a proposal by special counsel prosecutors that she set a schedule culminating in a July trial, saying at a court hearing Friday she found the timeline unworkable.

The US district judge Aileen Cannon did not set a new trial date from the bench – it is currently set for May but almost certain to be scrapped given repeated delays – and it was unclear whether she would adopt competing schedules proposed by Trump and prosecutors, or set her own.

But Cannon expressed particular reservation with the proposed timetable submitted by prosecutors, saying part of their schedule was “unrealistic”, and putting in doubt the probability she would move forward with proceedings that would mean Trump going to trial in July.

The skepticism from Cannon came as prosecutors and lawyers for Trump sparred over forthcoming deadlines, which could have profound implications for the scope and viability of not just the documents case but also for the federal 2020 election interference case in Washington.

President Trump’s legal team has argued that holding the trial before the November election is unfair, and that it would be impossible to attend in July due to his legal battles in Manhattan.

UPI News wrote on this:

Former President Donald Trump is in the courtroom in Fort Pierce, Fla., Friday for a hearing in the classified documents case against him.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon may determine what classified information can be discussed before the jury when the case goes to trial. She may also announce changes to the May 20 trial date.

Special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecuting team has been discussing the schedule moving forward through the start of the hearing, CNN reported. Prosecutor Jay Bratt told Cannon that the defense agrees the trial can take place this summer.

Cannon pushed back a little, calling some parts of the schedule that the prosecution is proposing “unrealistic.” She added that Trump’s Manhattan hush money trial, starting March 25, will also factor into scheduling.

The prosecution proposed a new start date of July 8. The defense responded, saying holding the trial before the November election is “unfair.” However, they proposed Aug. 12 as a possible start date. They argued the prosecution’s July 8 start is not possible because of Trump’s Manhattan trial.