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McCarthy Exposes Biden’s Biggest Secret – Look What Goes on Behind Closed Doors


Everyone knows that back-room conversations are part of business and politics. What happens behind closed doors isn’t often revealed to the public.

What is concerning is how elected leaders are handling themselves in private or public. Anyone elected to office in Congress or the White House needs to be at the top of their game as they are expected to lead the country with strength and intelligence.

Apparently, Joe Biden has failed on both those requirements and his weakness and mental frailty was exposed this week by Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Biden appears to be working off notes from his handlers who are the ones dictating how he interacts in small groups of people and how he ultimately acts as president.

From Fox Business:
“He still has a teleprompter when you meet behind closed doors,” McCarthy told the “Bottom Line” co-hosts on FOX Business. “But the teleprompter are cards. I found when I met with him, it would just be a couple of them. He would read from the card.”

“He just sticks to the cards,” he said of Biden. “And if you go, if you deviate from the cards, he can’t continue onward there.”

McCarthy referenced when he spoke with Biden in private negotiations regarding the debt ceiling. Biden couldn’t carry on the conversation outside what he was reading on the note cards. McCarthy said this is a big problem for Biden and the country going forward.

“Look, he has served the country, regardless whether you like it or not,” McCarthy said. “I respect the man for serving the country. I thank him for that service, but he is not of the age that is best to be able to be serving in the presidency.”

McCarthy has known Biden for many years and said the president is no longer “the same man” he worked with in previous years. McCarthy made his comments after media reports exposed how Biden relies heavily on notes, even during private fundraisers with doting donors.

“Biden’s reliance on notecards to help explain his own policy positions — on questions he knows are coming — is raising concerns among some donors about Biden’s age,” was a highlight from an article in Axios on Friday.

Biden is 81 years old and already the oldest president in American history. He has faced heavy criticism, even within the Democratic Party, about his mental and physical state. A report earlier this month from Special Counsel Robert Hur dealing with Biden’s handling of classified materials characterized the president as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” who failed to remember the timing of important life events.

Americans should take note of Biden’s inability to speak for himself and consider removing him, and his handlers, from further influence within the White House.

Source: Fox Business