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Marjorie Taylor Greene Puts Mitt Romney In His Place: “Failed us, not even sure why he calls himself a Republican”


Marjorie Taylor Greene went on the CBS show 60 Minutes last night and put GOP Senator Mitt Romney in his place. Greene detailed all the crazy stuff the left says about her before ripping failed Republicans like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for what they have done to this country.

She said it was Romney and Ryan’s failures that made her run for office. She said:

“What made me run for Congress when I saw the Republicans in Congress, the House and the Senate, completely fail to deliver the agenda that we had all voted for, the reasons why we voted for Donald Trump.

Lesley Stahl said: “The Republicans?” Greene didn’t miss a beat and fired back: “Yep. They failed us.”

Stahl asked for names: Like who?

So Greene named and shamed them all: “Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham. Those, yeah, those types of Re– Mitt Romney. I’m not even sure why he calls himself a Republican.” 

LESLEY STAHL: We looked up some words that have been said about you.


STAHL: Crazy, Q-clown, Looney Tune, unhinged, moron. Pretty ugly stuff.

GREENE: Looks like the average troll in my Twitter feed, so I don’t really care.

STAHL: You’re used to it?

GREENE: I don’t let name calling bother me or offend me. I just don’t.

STAHL: How much have you styled yourself after Donald Trump?


STAHL: People say that you are Trump in high heels.

GREENE: I didn’t intentionally style myself after President Trump, but I can see how people draw those similarities. We both come from the same industry: construction. I also have pretty much a plain-speaking style and so does he.

STAHL: But also he’s often in attack mode. And you appear to be.

GREENE: Yeah. I think– but I think our government deserves it. They don’t really deserve to be respected that much.