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Mark Cuban Comes To Donald Trump’s Defense


I bet you didn’t expect to see Mark Cuban defending Donald Trump today, but that’s what just happened!

No, Cuban hasn’t suddenly flipped to full MAGA.

But he is being intellectually honest here and coming to Donald Trump’s defense when it comes to allegations in the New York “fraud” case that he is broke.

It’s pure nonsense.

I’ve been telling you that and now Cuban is chiming in.

Specifically, he is responding to the goofy and uneducated Ted Lieu, who wrote this on Twitter:

“Trump claims he is a billionaire. But he can’t pay a $464 million judgement. That means he is lying. How do I know? Math,” Lieu wrote on X.

Cuban responded to Lieu on Twitter setting the record straight:

Ted, you know I’m no supporter of Trump. That’s for damn sure.

How anyone can vote for someone who has so many of his executive employees turn on him, and, say he is incompetent is beyond me.

But you are wrong on this topic Ted.

Net worth is completely different than cash in the bank.
We were in a zero interest rate environment for a long, long time. So keeping cash in the bank or even money markets was dumb. In fact searching for yield is what killed small banks last year.

Also dumb was keeping interest rates that low for that long. Something Trump demanded more of.

So you can argue that trump put himself in this situation by making sure that the only way to grow his net worth was non cash investments.

You can also argue Trump sucked at growing his net worth which led to him putting himself in this position by lying to banks about his assets. There is only one reason to lie on a loan application – you have to.

On a more macro basis Ted. Even if rates were along a long term trend line for the past ten years, few people are keeping more than 45 percent of their assets in liquid assets.

And as far as the bond companies Trump’s assets are mostly interests in commercial real estate and foreign assets. No bond company is loaning against them in this commercial real estate market, if ever .

It all kind of reminded me of Stephen A. Smith from yesterday.

Stephen A. Smith: “Trump is WHIPPIN’ y’all ass! You can’t beat him!”

I’ve never been a huge Stephen A. Smith fan, always found him a bit grating…

But he’s going viral today for a rant about Democrats getting their “asses whipped” that is so good I had to share with you.

It’s almost as if he’s starting to red-pill right in front of our eyes?

Now I don’t want to misquote him or suggest he’s now a Trump supporter, because he clearly isn’t.

But I view this as a huge Step 1 towards a full-blown red-pilling.

And even though I doubt he would ever admit it even if it were true, I wonder if secretly in that voting both come November if he fills in the circle next to Donald J. Trump.

It wouldn’t surprise me after hearing this:

Backup here if needed:

There you go Stephen….we posted your full video so you can’t claim you were misquoted.

How soon before Stephen “Naismith” goes the full distance and posts a rant like this:

Far-Left “Comedian” Michael Rapaport Posts New Rant: “Voting Trump Is ON THE TABLE!”

No, you are not reading a repeat article.

Last year, Michael Rapaport stunned many by posting a rant online saying “voting for Trump is on the table.”

Today he just went on another foul-mouthed rant and once again confirmed voting for Trump is absolutely ON THE TABLE!

Excuse the vile language, but here’s a portion of what he said:

“This is why when I say voting for Pig, Donald Trump is on the table. Voting for Pig, Donald Trump is on the table. The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest, they jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail. I know it’s a city thing; I know it’s a state thing. I know all that. Okay, stay with me.

Released without bail, they came out of the courtroom on some Tupac, raising the middle finger with the Detroit Red Wings jersey. Let me tell you something: What the f*ck is the world coming to if you can be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City, and walk out with no bail? What the f*ck is the world coming to?”

“On the same day that happens, Cadaver Joe Biden issues an executive order about four “settlers” in Judea Samaria, aka the West Bank. Some troublemakers. Three of the four have already been arrested. You issue an executive order about four troublemaking ops who’ve already been arrested in Judea Samaria while there’s a war going on, while there’s a hundred plus hostages still being held in Gaza. You’re talking about that, but you’ve got nothing to say about beating up cops in New York City, the greatest city on earth?

Maybe my city is not the greatest city on earth anymore if you could beat up cops. If you could beat up cops in the “greatest” city in the world and be released without bail, are we the greatest city on earth? Cadaver Joe Biden, we see you. We see you.

Don’t worry about those in Israel. BB got them. Israel will take care of them. Worry about cops getting beat up in Times Square and walking out with no bail like Tupac Shakur; worry about that. This is why voting for Pig Donald Trump is still on the table.”

Watch it here:

Here’s more, from Fox News:

Comedian and staunch critic of former President Trump Michael Rapaport unleashed a scathing rant against New York City’s immigration problems and President Biden’s priorities this week, suggesting that if Biden doesn’t deal with the problems here at home, voting for Trump is “on the table.”

Rapaport shared a video to X Friday railing against the recent news story about illegal immigrants in New York City beating up cops and then being released shortly after the altercation.

Furious at the idea that the Biden Administration has been tougher on foreign issues than domestic issues like a record migrant surge, Rapaport opened the clip by slamming his fist on a table and declaring, “This is why when I say voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table, voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table!”


Rapaport on TV
Comedian Michael Rapaport slammed the Biden Administration for not prioritizing the migrant situation thats ravaging New York City, warning that voting for former President Trump is “on the table.” (Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
He explained, “The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest. They jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail.”

The incident happened this week and was captured on surveillance footage. It showed two cops wrestling with and getting kicked by multiple migrants. As Rapaport noted, several of the men arrested for the incident were released without bail and four of them are believed to have used fake names to obtain travel vouchers and flee the city for California.

Rapaport appeared furious with the news and commented on recent footage showing one of the migrants flipping off a news camera while leaving a New York City courtroom. “Released without bail. Came out of the courtroom on some Tupac – raising the middle finger with the Detroit Redwings jersey.”

“Let me tell you something, what the f— is the world coming to if you could be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City and walk out with no f—— bail? What the f— is the world coming to?”

And now if you missed his rant from last year, here it is:

Michael Rapaport FLAGGED By Instagram!

Well, that was quick!

After 8 years of being one of the biggest “Never Trumpers” out there, Michael Rapaport released a viral video this week complaining about the economy — comparing to be being less desirable than a colonoscopy — and then said voting for Trump was “on the table”.

You gotta love it!

I’ll post that down below, but here’s the hilarious part….

There is no honor among thieves and the “thieves” over at Instagram quickly turned on the actor hitting his account with a warning about posting “False Information”.


Watch this:

Here’s what the warning looked like according to reports:

In the interest of full disclosure, I tested it myself and did NOT receive the warning message, so perhaps Instagram has seen the online mockery and (temporarily?) taken down the warning.

We will continue to monitor.

Here was the original story we covered earlier this week, which includes Rapaport saying he may be voting TRUMP!

Famous Anti-Trumper and Actor Now Ready To Vote TRUMP In 2024!

Ok, I apologize right off the bat, perhaps I shouldn’t have said “famous”.

I’m not sure how famous this guy actually is.

Have you heard of him before?  Michael Rapaport?

Ok, so how about “D-List Famous Anti-Trumper and Actor”…is that more accurate?

Or how about “Infamous”?

Either way, a dude who fancies himself a Comedian and Actor named Michael Rapaport has been suffering an EXTREME case of Trump Derangement Syndrome for the better part of 8 years now, but suddenly shocked the world when he went live online to announce he’s not only talked to President Trump but he’s likely going to vote for him in 2024.

Pretty incredible.

Watch this short clip here:

Longer clip here, where he talks about having spoken with President Trump:


• He can’t get a job
• The economy sucks
• Mortgage rates are too high
• Interest rates are too high
• Can’t buy a car, can’t buy a house
• There’s no law and order
• Illegals are taking over
• There’s chaos in this country and chaos all over the world

But don’t worry… even if he votes for him, he’s still gonna call him “Pig D*ck Donald Trump”

Ok, so in typical classless fashion he has to point out he’ll still call him “Pig Dick Trump” even if he votes for him.

And you know what?

I don’t have a problem with that.

Free Speech kind of works like that.

But as always, this confirms one of the oldest and most reliable truths in politics, I believe first famously said by James Carville: “It’s the economy stupid!”

People can go Far Left Woke and dream about Far Left ideals…..UNTIL…..it hits THEM in the pocketbook.

So people like Michael Rapaport, who have maybe banked up some money from his time in Hollywood, might be able to stay Far Left for longer than most, but eventually when even he can’t get a job anymore or afford a house or afford a car, finally even he taps out.

It’s the economy stupid!


And eventually people realize that and say “Enough’s Enough!” when they themselves turn poor.

Often it’s too late by that point, but credit to Michael for finally waking up.

For a history on Michael’s Extreme TDS and prior flare-ups, keep reading:

TDS ALERT: Michael Rappaport Goes On Another Unhinged Meltdown Over Trump…

Michael Rappaport just went on another unhinged meltdown over Trump and Russia and Ukraine.

I know, many of you are saying “Michael who?”

But he’s semi-famous, or was at one time, and claims to be a comedian, or was at one time…

Kind of like Kathy Griffin, D List material I guess.

Almost two years into Trump being out of public office and Trump is still living rent-free in this guy’s head.

Kind of sad.

Kind of funny.

Very tacky.

Just watch here for yourself on Rumble: