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After Liberal Host Tries to ‘Doom’ Trump – He Accidentally Compares Donald to Top American Icon


Most Americans agree that the mainstream media is run by liberals. These days, most news hosts don’t even try to hide their allegiance to the Democratic Party. They practically campaign for liberal candidates while they report the “news.”

On top of that, many of these figures rant and rave against Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

One of the most triggered liberal figures is Keith Olbermann. The former MSNBC host now produces his own podcast. But he is no less enraged by Donald Trump. He recently reacted to something Trump said during a rally. While the liberal seemed to wish for Trump’s death, he ended up comparing him to a legendary leader.

From The Post Millennial:
Over the weekend, Keith Olbermann sent out a post on X appearing to express “hope” that Donald Trump would soon be assassinated à la Abraham Lincoln.

In response to a post from the Biden-Harris HQ that read, “Trump says he’s been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated,” Olbermann wrote, “There’s always the hope.”

Following backlash and the eventual removal of his post, Olbermann suggested that his words had been misconstrued, but still noted that he wished Trump an unpleasant death.

Trump recently said he is being treated worse than President Lincoln, who was assassinated. Olbermann responded to that post with “There’s always the hope.” Few would not construe that to mean the newsman wishes that Trump will be assassinated.

While he might have thought he was dunking on the former president, Olbermann nonetheless put him up alongside the likes of Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln continues to be a heroic figure in American history, freeing the slaves and winning the Civil War.

It seems Olbermann’s unchecked rage against Trump led him to compare the Republican to a cherished American figure.

Perhaps that’s why he quickly deleted the original tweet. Olbermann tried to correct himself, doubling down on the TDS. The deranged liberal wishes Trump is treated worse than Lincoln and that he’d be convicted and “then dies in prison.”

We would be remiss not to comment on how wishing death on a rival has become normal among Democrats. Are Americans comfortable with these people running our country, hosting our news programs, or teaching our children?

Source: The Post Millennial