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Military Bosses Send Biden 1 Dire Warning – Joe’s Pet Project Is a ‘Gift to the Enemy’


From the very start of the Biden administration, Joe has pushed an aggressive “green” agenda. He even went as far as to shut down most of America’s energy production, to force citizens to switch to electric vehicles.

Biden’s EV agenda has all but failed. Car companies have lost billions on it. Americans are not buying low-range, expensive electric cars. Despite this, he is still pushing for it.

Now, a group of retired, high-ranking military officers are weighing in on the situation. Biden continues to demand tax dollars to forcibly transition Americans to EVs. But these officials are warning that it will only make us vulnerable to a big enemy.

From Fox News:
A coalition of 17 retired military officials — including multiple one-, two-, and three-star officers — are raising the alarm on President Biden’s aggressive electric vehicle (EV) push over its national security implications.

In a letter addressed to Biden and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan, the officials led by retired U.S. Army Major General James Marks warned that the president’s plans for mass EV proliferation will increase reliance on Chinese supply chains. They wrote that regulatory initiatives aimed at incentivizing EV adoption “intensify America’s vulnerability to political interference by the Chinese Communist Party.”

In a warning that will most likely be ignored by Democrats, former high-ranking U.S. military officers told Biden and the EPA that his EV agenda will jeopardize America’s national security.

They wrote that Biden’s “rush” to switch to electric vehicles prevents the country from properly developing the infrastructure itself. That will force cities and regions to rely more and more on China’s supply china.

China is the world’s leader in manufacturing many green technologies, including solar panels, EV chargers, and other related tech. These officers warn that Biden’s push will make America more reliant on China, giving the communist nation more pull over our country.

The COVID pandemic woke up many Americans to the country’s reliance on foreign manufacturing. China repeatedly shut down its factories, putting the world’s economy at risk. Lawmakers have since tried to pull America out of depending too much on the communist regime.

But Biden’s plans will only make us more dependent on a nation that we should not trust. These former military leaders can see that. Many Americans probably see it too. But does Biden?

Source: Fox News