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Biden’s DOJ Finally Makes Bombshell Confession – This Could Cripple Joe’s Campaign


In the years following the 2020 Election, we’ve learned some alarming facts. It appears the FBI and DOJ knew about accusations against Hunter Biden and his father. They even had a document (which Republicans looked at recently) that appeared to confirm their bribery scandal.

Yet the top officials within these agencies refused to investigate signs of wrongdoing. Many believe that had they done their job, Joe Biden wouldn’t be president today.

One scandal, which could have rocked the election, was quickly suppressed by the media. Even government officials claimed it was “Russian disinformation” despite evidence to the contrary. Now, once again, the DOJ is admitting they knew it was real all along.

From Fox News:
Federal prosecutors further acknowledged in court documents filed Tuesday that the laptop Hunter Biden dropped off at a computer store is in fact real, adding that the contents on the laptop matched what had previously been obtained through a search warrant on the president’s son’s Apple iCloud.

In the court documents, the Department of Justice said the IRS and FBI obtained a search warrant for tax violations in August 2019 and were able to get access to Hunter’s Apple iCloud account.

In a trend that appears to further erode trust in the DOJ, the agency admitted in court documents that it knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real. In fact, it had special evidence that confirmed this, in the form of Hunter’s iCloud backups.

The DOJ had access to his computer backups, via a search warrant connected to his tax violations. Those backups matched the content on the infamous computer, proving once again that it was real.

Yet only now, through court filings, is America learning that the DOJ knew for a long time that the laptop was real.

Government officials had said in 2020 that the laptop was a fabrication made by Russia. The DOJ and FBI had the laptop, but refused to investigate because it would influence the election. The mainstream media and social media suppressed stories about the laptop, based on what the government claimed.

Only after the election did Google and other groups confirm the laptop’s authenticity. Yet even today, Democrats and forces in the media try to hide stories exposing the contents of Hunter’s computer.

Many voters admitted that, had they known about the laptop, they would not have voted for Joe Biden. The DOJ’s refusal to investigate had a direct impact on the election.

Source: Fox News