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New Evidence Explodes on the President – Republicans Just Made Things Way Worse for Biden


House Republicans have been revealing evidence from their investigation into the Biden family. Despite growing evidence, the mainstream media continues to ignore accusations of crime.

Recently, House investigators revealed President Biden’s brother paid him $200,000 on the same day he received that amount from a foreign entity.

The White House claims Republicans have “zero evidence” against the Bidens. But now, they are releasing more suspicious transactions.

From Breitbart:
Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered CEFC China Energy Co. money in 2017 from the account of his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden, once again in the form of a personal check labeled as a “loan repayment,” House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) uncovered Wednesday in a newly released bank records memorandum.

Republicans are revealing how Joe Biden received $40,000 from his brother and sister-in-law in 2017. The check stated it was a “loan repayment.” But Republicans are pointing to a trail of transactions, claiming this was laundered money from China.

House investigators are conducting an impeachment probe, accusing Joe Biden of engaging in a bribery ring. Republicans have implicated Hunter Biden and other members of the family as part of this scheme.

This particular payment, Republicans say, came from a $5 million deposit into Hunter Biden’s accounts from CEFC China Energy Co. associate Raymond Zhao. According to a text message, Hunter pressured Zhao for this money, claiming Joe was “sitting” in the room.

Hunter allegedly transferred some of this money through various channels to entities controlled by James Biden. Eventually, a portion of these funds ended up in a check written out to Joe Biden himself.

House Republicans have reportedly been looking closely at the Bidens’ finances. It appears they have uncovered a trend where foreign businesses send large sums of money to Hunter Biden’s businesses. Some of that money later ends up in Joe Biden’s pocket.

But is that enough to prove the Bidens were engaged in bribery? Republicans will have to prove this money was given to the Bidens in exchange for influence from the former vice president and current president.

Documents and testimony from witnesses seem to suggest that. But we can be certain that the Democratic Party, with help from the mainstream media, will do what they can to undermine those claims.

Source: Breitbart