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New Woke Boycott Takes America by Storm – 1 Major Baking Company in the Crosshairs


In recent years, Americans have grown outraged at companies that have pushed politics. Most of these companies have “gone woke,” using their large influence to promote far-left ideology.

Some of these companies quickly regretted it, as consumers launched painful boycotts.

Now, another unlikely company is wading into “woke” territory. They are sponsoring a contest that awards thousands of dollars. But they are refusing to let white people enter.

From Daily Wire:
A Vermont-based baking company is under fire for hosting a competition that barred white contestants from participating, an attempt to “foster greater inclusivity” in the world of baking.

The 2024 Baking Pitchfest, hosted by King Arthur Baking, says it will provide “equitable opportunities for People of Color entrepreneurs,” gracing the winners with “financial support, brand exposure, and mentorship to help accelerate their businesses.”

Spouting leftist terms, the King Arthur Baking company is hosting a contest that is denying white people from attending. It claims this contest is providing “equitable opportunities” for non-white “entrepreneurs.”

Despite claiming to be “inclusive,” the contest is only open to “people of color,” meaning anyone who isn’t white.

The contest is only open to bakeries or businesses owned or led by non-white people. Winners will receive $10,000 and “brand-building exposure” thanks to marketing provided by the King Arthur Baking Company.

When the outlet Daily Wire inquired about the company, it quickly took down the page advertising the contest. This suggests the company knew the contest was discriminatory. Because, when a conservative outlet inquired, they hid the page to possibly avoid backlash.

Other companies have suffered financial ruin, after promoting far-left propaganda. Bud Light is unarguably the biggest to suffer when its mostly conservative customer base was turned off by a campaign celebrating a transgender “influencer.” Target has also lost money after it featured transgender-friendly clothing in a children-focused collection.

Source: Daily Wire