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Nikki Haley Unloads Epic 4-Word Clapback – Biden Supporters Never Saw It Coming


It’s been one week since President Joe Biden bombed his first—and probably last—presidential debate in this election cycle.

Last Thursday night, millions of Americans saw just how far Biden’s cognitive decline has gone. He appeared so confused and spoke so incoherently at times that even many of the most devoted Democrats could not deny that Donald Trump was the clear victor in the debate.

This came after more than a year of mainstream media members defending Biden every step of the way. They told the American people not to believe their lying eyes and ears when it came to Biden. They alleged that any speculation that Biden might have dementia or some other cognitive impairment was simply rightwing propaganda and nothing more.

This attitude from the mainstream media was on full display when the shamelessly liberal ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed the former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley in August of last year.

In the wake of Biden’s disastrous debate performance, Haley shared a clip in which Stephanopoulos lost it when she dared to say that the American people can see that something is mentally wrong with the current president. At the time, Haley went so far as to say that a vote for Biden is a vote for Vice President Harris.

From The Hill:
During the back-and-forth with Stephanopoulos last summer, the former GOP presidential candidate said, “There is no way Joe Biden is going to finish his term. I think Kamala Harris is going to be the next president and that should send a chill up every American’s spine.”

Stephanopoulos interjected at the time, “Excuse me. One second about that, how do you know that Joe Biden is not going to finish his term? What is that based on?”

“Ask Americans,” Haley replied, at the time. “We look at the decline he’s had over the last few years. You have to be honest with the American people, George: There’s no way that Joe Biden is going to finish out a next term. We can’t have an 81-year-old president.”

Whether you like Haley or not, it’s hard to deny that this post of hers is pure gold.

It perfectly showcases just how far members of the mainstream media have gone to try to protect Biden for years. So-called “journalists” like Stephanopoulos have resorted to blatantly lying just to hide the fact that something clearly is blatantly wrong with Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Unfortunately for Stephanopoulos and his fellow liberal power players, however, they couldn’t join Biden on the debate stage. There, his cognitive failings were on full display for millions of disturbed and appalled Americans.

The timing of Haley’s post also could not be better. On Friday, Stephanopoulos will be interviewing Biden on ABC. Of course, the interview will not be live, and will instead be taped.

Given how shamelessly leftwing Stephanopoulos has always been, it’s undoubtable that he will be using this interview to rehabilitate Biden’s image by feeding him softball question after softball question.

In the end, regardless of your opinion on Haley, she was right eleven months ago when she said that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris. She was also correct in pointing out that there is something clearly wrong with Biden’s cognitive abilities.

No wonder nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore.

Source: The HillX