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Democrat Union Boss Loses It on Live TV – Rip-off of Infamous Speech Goes Viral in Seconds


Across America, parents are walking up to just how terribly public schools are performing. Ever since the lockdowns, parents have been pushing back on low standards, woke politics, and failing grades from government-run schools. The answer to this crime is simple: school choice.

School choice provides tax dollars to parents so they can decide where their children will learn. This poses a major threat to failing public schools, who are never picked by parents.

The head of the corrupt public school cabal, the National Education Association, gave a speech about the organization’s goals. What are those goals? To gobble up your tax dollars, while teaching your children to become America-hating socialists. Clearly, this woman is losing her grip as Americans push for school choice. So, she lost it during her speech.

From X:
SCHOOL CHOICE: This woman makes almost $500K a year to prevent you from sending your children to the best schools. The NEA’s Becky Pringle is an unhinged Democrat activist who represents government teachers.

Users online pointed out that this woman earns nearly half a million dollars a year while doing little to improve the education of millions of children. Yet she went on a tirade during a recent speech, demanding more attention, money, and power in the hands of NEA members.

It’s clear this woman fears losing her job—while watching the corrupt public school system get replaced by better private and charter schools. She tried to give an “impassioned” speech to her drones. Instead, she came off like a bad imitation of a decades-old TV sitcom.

From Fox News:
The president of the National Education Association (NEA) was mocked over the weekend for giving a “totally unhinged” speech that reminded critics of a comedy skit from a famous American TV show.

NEA President Becky Pringle banged on the podium, flailed her hands in the air and screamed about winning “all the things” repeatedly at the NEA’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly (RA) in Philadelphia. X critics compared the moment to an iconic scene with Dwight Schrute from “The Office.”

During the screechy speech, Pringle called for transformative social justice change in the education system in the pursuit of equity.

Wow, this is bad. Users mocked NEA President Becky Pringle for her antics during her speech. She ranted about winning “all the things.” She must have been talking about all the things she can buy with the tax dollars that go into her pocket—not into your child’s education.

People weren’t impressed by her insane behavior. They compared it to Dwight Schrute from The Office, who famously (and unknowingly) delivered a speech to salesmen like a dictator. Pringle echoed the same energy, getting overworked over an issue that didn’t demand such wild antics and emotion.

Based on her decisions as head of the NEA, she doesn’t care about helping children. Instead, like most entrenched political figures, she is interested in protecting her group’s interests. That means ensuring the NEA gets “all the things” while students get nothing.

All the screaming and podium pounding in the world won’t change her group’s corruption and failure to put children first.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online users mocked the NEA president’s unhinged rant during a speech.
  • The education group’s leader demanded “all the things” while shouting at her group.
  • Users compared it to Dwight Schrute’s famous speech from The Office.
  • The NEA opposes school choice, which frees students from attending failed public schools.

Source: Fox News