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NYC Mayor Unloads Shocking Threat – Here’s His “Solution” to Fix Bus Crisis


For months, Republican governors have been busing migrants to blue cities. Because these cities claim to be sanctuaries for migrants, they should welcome the newcomers.

Instead, the Democrat mayors of these cities have panicked. They attacked states like Texas while demanding billions from the federal government.

But the money’s not coming. And blue cities are on the verge of collapse, if they don’t deport these migrants. Instead of doing that, however, one mayor is turning on the buses that bring these migrants to this city.

From The Post Millennial:
New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order on Wednesday requiring that charter bus companies give advance notice of the arrival of a busload of illegal immigrants or face fines and jail time.

According to the New York Times, the executive order states that charter bus companies must give a 32-hour notice ahead of time, and will be limited to certain times of day when illegal immigrants can be dropped off in the Big Apple.

In the move that will be criticized by many, New York Mayor Eric Adams is threatening bus companies that bring migrants to the city. He signed an order that requires buses to report 32 hours ahead of time—and will be limited to certain times of day to drop off border crossers.

If they don’t, the mayor is threatening companies and drivers with fines and jail time.

It is likely few will view this move as anything more than an attempt to stop buses from bringing migrants to the city. Adams claims this move is not to stop “people form coming.” Yet he is the same mayor who claimed the migrants will “destroy” New York.

Democrats have frequently complained about the few thousand migrants that ended up on their doorstep. But those numbers pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands that are invading border states like Texas.

These same Democrats, although outraged that migrants are overrunning their cities, refuse to call out the Biden administration. Nor are they willing to follow Texas’s lead and pass laws that enable them to remove illegal aliens from their communities.

Instead, Mayor Adams is seemingly trying to intimidate bus drivers, who are simply moving people from one state to another.

Source: The Post Millennial