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O’Keefe Uncovers Who is Really Running the White House


O’Keefe Uncovers Who Is Really Running The White House: ‘Whatever This Guy Says, It’s What The President Says’

An undercover video by O’Keefe Media shows a special advisor for The United States Small Business Administration providing insights into the intricate dynamics of President Joe Biden’s inner circle.

The advisor, Tyler Robinson, engaged in conversation with an undercover reporter, and he pulled back the curtain on the significant clout wielded by Jeff Zeints, the current White House chief of staff and former Facebook board member.

Robinson asserted that Zeints commands immense influence, going as far as labeling him the “second most powerful person in Washington.” He also shared some of the strategies employed to sway his decision-making.

“By getting Jeff to sign off, you’re getting the president to sign off… whatever this guy says, it’s what the President says,” Robinson asserted.

Robinson was also pressed on whether Zeints holds more power than Vice President Kamala Harris, to which he affirmed, “Yeah,” and that he is more powerful “in some ways” but “not legally.” 

The White House insider also openly acknowledged the enduringly close relationships former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Hillary Clinton have with the current Biden administration.

Robinson later delved into the strategies employed by the establishment to marginalize GOP politicians, effectively excluding them from crucial negotiations and policy-making processes.

He disclosed the activities of his boss, Isabel Casillas Guzman, alleging that she is dispatched by the Biden administration under the pretext of visiting small businesses while covertly aiding Democratic election campaigns.

“Pretty much every week, she goes somewhere in the country… We can tell their accomplishments; she can’t like go on a stage and be like, ‘Hey, vote for Joe Biden.’ Like that’s illegal,” said Robinson.

“Any time we go [to a state], we try to visit with a Member of Congress, if they’re a Democrat… because then we can help them get reelected as well,” the insider added “So we’re going to Montana because Senator Tester, he’s the Democratic Senator from Montana, like he’s in a tough reelection race, and that’s like a seat we need in the Senate to maintain a majority.”

“We all, like as an office, were going, and the White House was like, ‘yes, go. Invite Senator Tester. Don’t invite the other Senator because he’s a Republican, and don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans,’” he continued.

Resist The Mainstream reported last month on another undercover video from O’Keefe Media that showed a Department of Defense employee advocating for the repeal of the Second Amendment and endorsing government-exclusive firearm ownership.

Jason Beck, identified as a member of Total Force Requirements & Sourcing Policy within Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s office, boldly stated to a disguised O’Keefe, “I think we should repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns all away.”

Beck also challenged immigration policies suggesting an open border approach and condemning recent legislation as “almost unbelievable” and “really racist.”

He criticized border security measures as ineffective, dismissing them as futile efforts to address a non-existent problem.

Beck asserted, expressing skepticism about the security threat posed by undocumented immigrants, “There’s no Taliban coming in through Mexico like that’s, they just make that stuff out of whole cloth. Like when has a terrorist ever come in?”