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“Phony” Speaker Johnson Story Exposed – Leftist Outlet Burned for 1 Inaccurate Claim


Liberal media outlets quickly melted down over the news that Rep. Mike Johnson was elected House Speaker. One reporter called him, “Jim Jordan in a jacket and smile.”

Others called him a “MAGA” Republican. Democrats in Congress quickly mourned his election on social media.

The New Republic recently published a story about Johnson that appeared to make him look bad. They accused him of flying to Paris, as the government shutdown loomed. Now, his office is setting the record straight.

From Daily Caller:
The New Republic produced a story Friday morning asserting Johnson dismissed the House in order to catch a flight to Paris to speak at a conference held by the Worldwide Freedom Initiative (WFI). A spokesperson for Johnson confirmed on X that The New Republic’s assertion was false and the outlet updated its story.

“This story is false. [Speaker Johnson] will not be going to any events in Paris or anywhere overseas this weekend,” Johnson spokesman Raj Shah said on X.

Speaker Johnson’s spokesman, Raj Shah, accused the New Republic of posting a “false” story. He stated that the speaker will not be attending the event in Paris or “any events” overseas. Another spokesman for Johnson confirmed he was not attending the Worldwide Freedom Initiative conference.

The New Republic appeared to make changes to its story, including an editor’s note at the bottom and changing its headline and opening paragraph. It is unclear why the website originally claimed Johnson was going to Paris.

Critics will accuse the publication of trying to defame the new Speaker, as he works to pass spending bills. The original report seemed to suggest Johnson was skipping out on work in Congress.

Under Johnson’s leadership, the House has already passed several bills that provide funding for various parts of the government.

Those bills have gone to the Senate, but it appears Democrats refuse to take them up.

Johnson made it clear he will not support President Biden’s massive omnibus spending package. Instead, he is demanding smaller bills that can provide transparency for the American people. Democrats appear unwilling to negotiate on this demand, risking a government shutdown.

Source: Daily Caller