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Popular Liberal Media Outlet Abruptly Shuts Down


Americans are reportedly expressing their skepticism by turning away from left-leaning media outlets.

CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, MSNBC and The Atlantic have reported record downturns in viewership.

Adding to the list of those impacted by the shift away from what some call “the radical left,” the popular media outlet The Messenger is shutting down.

According to Trending Politics, the outlet’s “$50 million launch” just one year ago was accompanied by “lofty promises of building one of the nation’s largest newsrooms.”

Though the outlet announced a “commitment to unbiased journalism,” most judged the content as being notably Left.

The decision to scrap the venture and fire hundreds of employees took many off guard. The Washington Post reported that even the outlet’s editor in chief was unaware of the pending closure.

Jimmy Finkelstein, CEO and founder of The Messenger, said in a memo to staff: “Unfortunately, as a new company, we encountered even more significant challenges than others and could not survive those headwinds.”

The memo added: “I am personally devastated to share that we have made the painfully hard decision to shut down The Messenger, effective immediately. Over the past few weeks, literally until earlier today, we exhausted every option available and have endeavored to raise sufficient capital to reach profitability. Unfortunately, we have been unable to do so, which is why we haven’t shared the news with you until now.”

Staff at The Messenger reported that after Finkelstein released his memo, “pandemonium” broke out on the platform’s internal Slack channel. According to The New York Times, which broke the story, distraught employees reportedly “resorted to sharing pictures of their pets to lighten the mood.”

As the Slack channel blew up with comments of concern and outrage, administrators abruptly shut down access to the communication platform.

The Messenger launched 11 months ago with 300 employees. In recent months, reporters and writers reportedly grumbled as administrators encouraged them to create “clickbait” over “balanced” news stories.

Trending Politics reported, “The Messenger’s collapse will go down as one of the greatest cautionary tales in the 21st-century digital media landscape.”

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