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Woke Bud Light Makes Desperate Move – Make New Partnership to Save the Brand


Last year, Americans learned that conservative-driven boycotts can shut down the woke agenda. Numerous large corporations are struggling, as Americans refuse to support companies that push far-left politics.

Some companies have been hemorrhaging money. The boycott against Bud Light has been so severe, that its company lost billions in stock value—and the beer is no longer the top brand in America.

Bud Light has seemingly refused to apologize to customers over its controversy. But it has been spending money to polish its image. It joined with the UFC, something that could hurt the sport. And now, it is desperately trying to win back customers with a new partnership.

From Breitbart:
Bud Light partnered with right-leaning comedian Shane Gillis as part of its rebranding effort in the wake of its near-catastrophic partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The company announced its partnership with Gillis in a post on Instagram…

Gillis was fired from NBC’s Saturday Night Live in 2019 after years-old jokes in which he used slurs against Asians and gays resurfaced and went viral online.

In its attempt to restore its popularity among American consumers, Bud Light announced a partnership with comedian Shane Gillis. The company will reportedly be a sponsor in his upcoming tour. Bud Light announced this via social media.

Why would Bud Light choose Gillis as a partner? It might have something to do with Gillis’s status as a “canceled” comedian. Gillis had been a writer for liberal-leaning sketch show, Saturday Night Live.

But he was fired after the woke mob dug up old jokes he made against Asians and gay people. His status as a “canceled” comedian gave him some credibility with right-leaning Americans, who have turned on woke companies and outlets.

It is possible Bud Light is sponsoring Gillis’s tour as part of its efforts to win back right-leaning customers. Bud Light had previously jumped on the woke bandwagon, openly saying it wanted to dump its “frat-boy” image. Executives within the company greenlit a deal where it “celebrated” Dylan Mulvaney’s transgender “journey.”

While the parent company has repeatedly defended its support for LGBTs, it has not appeared to apologize to its core customer base. Instead, it has tried to spend money to paper over a boycott that has crippled the brand.

Source: Breitbart