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Radical Blue City Shocks in New Vote – Not Even Soros Can Believe What Happened


Since 2018, George Soros has funded the elections of numerous district attorneys. The radical progressive had put into power leftists who believed in “criminal justice reform.” In other words, Democrats who want to defund cops and put criminals back on the streets.

These radical DAs have won elections all over the country, including in red states. Republican governors and leaders have been able to shut down their radical agenda.

But in many blue cities and counties, these Soros-backed leftists have left devastation in their wake. In some cases, voters have fought back and removed them. One DA seemed entrenched, given how progressive his city has become. But not even the liberals of Portland were putting up with him anymore.

From The Post Millennial:
On Tuesday night, voters in Multnomah County, Oregon fired one-term George Soros-backed incumbent District Attorney Mike Schmidt…

The Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries found last year substantial evidence in favor of former prosecutor Amber Kinney, who alleged when she quit in 2022 that Schmidt had created a “workplace culture of fear, intimidation, and retaliation,” and had set women’s advancement in the office back by “decades.” …

Oregon Live reported that even a last-minute influx of cash to his campaign from groups tied to far-left Democratic mega-donor George Soros could not help Schmidt’s sinking campaign overcome all the baggage.

By a margin of 58 to 42 percent, voters in Multnomah County—in which resides Portland—voted to oust the Soros-backed DA Mike Schmidt. This liberal was a notorious leftist who has been largely blamed for “destroying Portland.” Voters backed a long-serving prosecutor who has worked for the county since 2000.

Schmidt was accused of pushing “soft-on-crime” policies that have turned Portland into hell on earth. The once trendy and desirable city has become a cesspool of crime, poverty, and drug abuse. Downtown Portland, as in many other blue cities, has become overrun with homelessness and drugs.

But that’s not even the half of it. Schmidt came under fire for how he managed his office. A former prosecutor accused him of creating a workplace culture of “fear” and “retaliation.” Others claimed he promoted people based on “political loyalties” rather than policies.

Schmidt’s loss is yet another rebuke to Soros’ toxic influence over America. The foreign billionaire has tried to worm his way into American politics for years. Only now are Americans seeing his progressive agenda upturn their lives—and are fighting back.

Source: The Post Millennial