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Trump-Biden Debate Odds Rock the Swamp – Neither Candidate Can Believe the Result


Donald Trump had goaded Biden, numerous times, to debate him. Although we assumed he wouldn’t, Biden agreed to debate Trump twice. The debates will be hosted by liberal news networks, without live audiences.

Most Americans doubt Biden’s ability to perform on stage. But if he is agreeing to debates, perhaps his handlers think he has a chance.

But the question on most people’s minds is no doubt: what do gamblers think? An illegal betting site is exploiting interest in the upcoming June debate. They are taking money from hard-working Americans addicted to gambling. And they are revealing the odds between Trump and Biden.

From Los Angeles Daily News:
The betting line on which candidate will win the first debate opened at pick’em at BetOnline.ag, an offshore sportsbook that operates illegally in the U.S. The two were each listed at -120.

Heavy action on Trump caused the book to make him a -140 favorite, with Biden becoming an even-money underdog.

“Obviously, the majority of America believes Biden stands no chance against Trump in a debate,” BetOnline.ag political oddsmaker Paul Krishnamurty said. “And we’re seeing that play out with these odds as 100% of the money wagered so far is on Trump. We’ll keep moving the odds based on action, but Trump could end up a heavy favorite by the time June rolls around.”

BetOnline, an illegal gambling website, is giving Donald Trump overwhelmingly high odds in the upcoming debate. It seems people putting money on the debate believe Trump will trounce Joe Biden, whose cognitive decline appears to be a major impediment.

Biden struggled through his State of the Union address, the last major live appearance of the president. Trump believed Biden was able to make it through the speech because he was on cocaine, proving the ongoing conversation surrounding American politics has officially hit rock bottom.

Betting sites have long taken money from Americans over elections. It seems people think they can get quick cash over something as important as who will be the next president.

At the moment, Trump is looking better and better. But anything can happen between now and November. Joe Biden might have a great debate, giving him a boost as we move closer to the election. And all those bets will be sucked up by this shady website.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News