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Red State Follows Texas Lead in Huge Move – New Law Has Biden’s ‘Favorite’ People Are Panicking


The conservative state of Texas has been leading the battle in the border crisis. It has fought the Biden administration with lawsuits and other measures. The state has taken extraordinary steps to secure its border with Mexico.

In response, the White House has tried to make it easier, it seems, for migrants to illegally enter the country.

One of Texas’s most controversial moves is being hotly contested in the courts. But there is a chance the state will score a victory, sending shockwaves across the country. Even before the ruling, though, other states are following Texas’s lead.

From Just the News:
The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill that would make illegal immigration a state crime.

House Bill 4156 makes “impermissible occupation” a criminal act, defined as a person willfully and without permission entering and remaining in Oklahoma without first obtaining legal authorization to enter the United States, according to the bill.

If signed into law, those living in Oklahoma as illegal immigrants would be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in county jail, a fine of up to $500, or both…

The bill passed the House last week.

Oklahoma’s Senate passed an illegal immigration bill similar to Texas’s. The bill will make illegal immigration a state crime, giving local law enforcement the power to apprehend migrants. If signed into law, illegal immigrants in Oklahoma could end up in jail or be fined. Those found guilty will be required to leave the state.

This will no doubt shake up Biden’s immigration agenda. It is fighting Texas’s illegal immigration bill. But if more states pass similar laws, it will be harder for Biden to relocate migrants to other states. It is believed Biden is deliberately leaving the border unsecured and moving migrants to various corners of the country.

Intense backlash and demands from lawmakers have not motivated Biden to secure the border. Even the impeachment of his DHS head has not moved the needle. Few should doubt Biden’s ultimate intention, of importing migrants for cheap work and votes. His shocking lack of action is only more proof.

Source: Just the News