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San Francisco Throws In Towel, Asks Federal Government For Help Cleaning Up City: “We are in the midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage”


Three years ago San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined the Dems across the nation and announced a plan to defund the police. It backfired in every way imaginable and Breed eventually reversed the budget cuts but the damage was done.

The city is full of crime, filth, and open-air drug markets and Breed can’t solve the problem because the city is in the “midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage.” 

San Francisco residents replaced their lousy District Attorney to try to bring some sanity back to the town but it is not working and Breed is throwing in the towel and asking the federal government for help.

Mayor London Breed sent a letter to northern California’s new U.S. attorney, Ismail J. Ramsey, asking for help to stop San Francisco’s open-air drug markets and violent crime in the city.

She wrote: “We are in the midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage… drug dealers have become increasingly aggressive. Violence and shootings surround these brazen open-air drug dealing scenes.”

“Our local law enforcement is doing its best to enforce against drug dealing, however, the scale of the problem is beyond our local capacity.

“We need additional and ongoing support from the Department of Justice to arrest and prosecute drug dealers.”

“We have received Mayor Breed’s letter and we are making arrangements to meet with her to discuss her concerns,” office spokesman Abraham Simmons responded in an email.

Journalist Michael Shellenberger said:

“In the fall of 2021, when HarperCollins published my book, “San Fransicko,” calling for more police, more mandatory rehab, and a crackdown on drug dealing, the local news media refused to even review it, choosing instead to denounce me, repeatedly, for supposed “misinformation”

California lawmakers, led by Senators @Scott_Wiener (SF) @NancySkinnerCA (Berkeley), blocked an effort by @CapeloutoMatt, whose daughter was killed by fentanyl, to hold drug dealers accountable for the thousands of people they are killing.

“I wrote one of the most widely-discussed book on drugs & homelessness. I’m in a CNN documentary about San Francisco. I frequently testify before Congress.

“And yet my own Senator, @NancySkinnerCA, who I’ve known for 25 years, won’t let me testify in Sacramento about the crisis.”

From The New York Post 2021:

After Black Lives Matter protesters last year demanded that cities “Defund the police,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed held a press conference to announce that her city would be one of the first to do exactly that.

Breed cut $120 million from the budgets of both San Francisco’s police and sheriff’s departments. A spokesperson for the police officers’ union warned the cuts “could impact our ability to respond to emergencies.”

This week, Breed reversed herself in dramatic fashion, announcing that she was making an emergency request to the city Board of Supervisors for more money for the police to support a crackdown on crime, including open-air drug dealing, car break-ins and retail theft.