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Snoop Dogg’s Young Daughter Suffers ‘Severe’ Medical Emergency


Snoop Dogg’s 24-Year-Old Daughter Suffers ‘Severe Stroke’

Cori Broadus, the 24-year-old daughter of renowned rapper Snoop Dogg (whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.), recently suffered a severe stroke.

She shared this distressing news through an Instagram story on Thursday. In her post, Cori included images of herself in a hospital gown, lying in a hospital bed, and shared her emotional state with her followers. “I’m only 24. What did I do in my past to deserve all of this?” she said.

Cori further detailed her experience to her fans.

“I had a severe stroke this am,” she wrote. “I started breaking down crying when they told me.” This health crisis comes after Cori was diagnosed with Lupus at just six years old. While the exact cause of her recent stroke is not clear, it is known that a Lupus diagnosis can increase the risk of stroke.

This information is supported by Lupus Corner, which states, “People with lupus have a higher risk of developing strokes and experiencing lingering neurological effects.”

Lupus Corner’s website further elaborates on the risks associated with Lupus.

“A recent study found that 3.1% of Lupus Warriors experienced any type of stroke,” they reported. These findings are corroborated by the Mayo Clinic, which notes, “If your brain is affected by lupus, you may experience headaches, dizziness, behavior changes, vision problems, and even strokes or seizures.”

As of the time of this report, Snoop Dogg has not publicly addressed his daughter’s condition. The current state and prognosis of Cori’s health remain undisclosed.

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