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Trump Jr. Sends Hunter a Brutal Message – These 6 Words Just Put Joe’s Son in His Place


Trump family members have shown resilience in the face of overwhelming criticism in the past eight years. From the day former President Donald Trump declared his presidential candidacy, the attacks on him and his family members have been relentless.

Trump values his family and opponents relied on the tactic that if they hurt his family members that Trump would crumble. He didn’t, and neither did his family members. Some of the harshest attacks against Trump targeted his children.

Donald Trump Jr. was paraded before Congress and took the brunt of verbal attacks against his father and himself. He showed his mettle and radical liberals and Congress found out they couldn’t break the Trumps.

By comparison, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been indicted on multiple criminal charges outside D.C. He has also been called before Congress to answer questions about his business practices and his connection to his father’s political positions. Unlike Trump Jr., Hunter ran and hid behind his lawyers.

From the Washington Examiner:
“I’m the one that did 50 hours of testimony before Congress,” Trump Jr. said Thursday in Urbandale while campaigning in Iowa for his father, former President Donald Trump. “I went because I’m a man.”

The barb was directed straight at the manliness of Hunter who dodged a subpoena for a closed-door deposition before Congress. Trump Jr. faced off with radical Democrats in Congress trying to destroy his father.

Trump Jr. testified before legislators who were hurling allegations of foreign election interference and insurrection from the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Hunter, on the other hand, sat in the audience during a House Oversight Committee hearing this week. The panel was considering holding him in contempt of Congress and he jumped up and ran out when criticism of him heated up.

Trump Jr. didn’t hold back in smacking around his father’s GOP primary opponents. The senior Trump battles hopefuls Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the upcoming Iowa caucuses. This is a key 2024 Republican primary nominating election.

Trump Jr. held DeSantis to the fire over his lackluster scrutiny of federal government “weaponization.” The senior Trump faces multiple legal cases that he has described as politically motivated election interference.

The junior Trump smacked Haley as someone about to get “smoked” in Iowa. This reflected a harsh comment from former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who quit the race and uttered the criticism picked up on a hot mic. Trump Jr. described Haley as a “fake conservative” as he compared her to Hillary Clinton.

“Nikki Haley was wonderful on the board of Boeing,” he said. “How is Boeing doing these days? Doors are falling off planes midflight because that same consultant class that doesn’t actually know anything about aeroplanes told them, ‘Hey, you can save that 2 cents on the plane if you ship the jobs to China or India.’”

Trump Jr. encouraged GOP voters to get out and vote as Iowa was hit with harsh snowstorms heading into the caucuses. Bitter cold weather is in the forecast through voting day.

“If I can get my Florida butt back up here … if I can get back up here, everyone can get back out there,” he said.

Source: Washington Examiner