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Speaker Johnson Blindsides Democrat Strategist – Here’s His Epic Response to 1 Nasty Insult


It’s nothing new for Democrats to speak ill of conservative Americans. But, in recent years, progressives have amped up their attacks on their fellow Americans.

Joe Biden called Republicans “threats to democracy.” Progressives have called conservatives everything from “bigots” to literal “Nazis.”

Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville recently came up with a new comparison. Discussing Speaker Johnson and conservative Christians, he made this bold claim. Now, Johnson is fighting back.

From Daily Wire:
Democratic strategist James Carville claimed during an interview late last week that Christian Republicans represented a greater threat to the U.S. than Islamic terrorists…

“Mike Johnson and what he believes is one of the greatest threats we have today to the United States,” Carville claimed. “I promise you, I know these people.”

When asked by host Bill Maher if he was referring to “Christian nationalists,” Carville responded: “Absolutely, this is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country.”

James Carville, a Democrat strategist who has worked with Clinton and many others, claimed conservative Christians were a bigger threat to America than al-Qaeda. He claimed that Republicans like Mike Johnson “don’t believe in the Constitution.”

Carville says conservative Christians have “been doing it forever.” He says they are a “fundamental threat to the United States.” In saying this, he failed to cite specific examples of conservative Christians, including Mike Johnson, of hurting the country.

Speaker Johnson refused to let this comment go by. And he responded with some intense words on X.

Johnson rebuked Carville by calling his words “shameful” and “twisted.” He said Democrats should condemn Carville’s comments. But he admitted they will not.

Democrats have long attacked conservatives, especially Christian conservatives. They often fail to explain how people loyal to the country and believe in the Bible are as big a threat as Muslim extremists who hate the United States.

But figures like Carville often say this, to seemingly scare voters into supporting Democrats. The mainstream media, which is largely liberal, does little to confront Democrats when they spread this kind of propaganda.

It seems to fail Carville’s notice that Democrats allowed riots and destruction during 2020 and beyond. While Democrats made a big deal about January 6, they ignored months-long chaos in major blue cities. Not to mention the continued rapid decline of most Democrat-run cities, which sink under the weight of poverty and crime.

Source: Daily Wire