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WH Press Secretary Melts Down on Live TV – Here’s Her Unthinkable Response to Just 1 Question


The current administration has faced heat over its press secretaries. Biden’s first, Jen Psaki, was frequently criticized for lacking answers to many reporters’ questions.

Currently, the White House press secretary is Karine Jean-Pierre. Not only does she often fail to answer questions, but she is often hostile and behaves in what some might call an unprofessional manner.

Recently, KJP was pressed by an African journalist. In the past, she had ignored Simon Ateba’s questions. And when he wanted to address an important matter with her, she reacted in an unexpected way.

From The Post Millennial:
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stormed out of the briefing room on Thursday after being pressed by African journalist Simon Ateba, according to Fox News…

The incident occurred almost immediately upon Jean-Pierre’s arrival at the podium…

Jean-Pierre pointed to a reporter named “Chris” to ask a question, but Simon Ateba, whom the press secretary refused to call on, interjected and questioned why she wouldn’t take his questions.

With barely any hesitation at all, Jean-Pierre abruptly ended the briefing and stormed out of the room.

Jean-Pierre took the podium and started her briefing in a lecturing tone. She sounded much like an angry school teacher, telling the reporters that the session would quickly end “if it’s not going to be respectful here.”

She then immediately left the room after Ateba tried to ask a question.

Jean-Pierre has often scolded reporters for not being “respectful.” But it is unclear what she means by that. For as long as there’s been a press room, reporters have shouted questions at political leaders. Rarely do reporters appear “disrespectful” by just asking a question.

While Donald Trump was president, the press was significantly more aggressive towards White House press secretaries. Yet Trump’s press officials always took the time to answer even the most hostile reporters.

But today, Biden’s press secretary appears to be treating professional reporters as children. Most Americans believe the mainstream media has an overwhelming liberal bias. Yet the Biden administration can’t even take their questions, it seems.

Jean-Pierre has made a reputation for not being prepared with adequate answers to common questions–and attacking reporters for saying things she does not like. This appears to be consistent with President Biden, who has long gotten angry with reporters, at the drop of a hat.

Source: The Post Millennial