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Starbucks Hit By Hilarious Union “Karma” – After Pushing 2020 Mail In Voting, They Want Only In Person For Themselves


Is there a strong word for “irony”? How about “hypocrisy”? In 2020, liberal-leaning coffee company Starbucks campaigned for mail-in voting.

You know, the kind of voting that sent the 2020 Election into a chaotic free-for-all?

Mail-in voting was exploited by Democrats and produced more than a little doubt in our democracy. But liberals claimed it was the “only safe way” to vote.

But now, the company is lobbying to end mail-in voting, when it comes to union elections.

From Twitter:

BREAKING NEWS: Starbucks urges National Labor Relations Board to stop using mail-in ballot union elections at stores across the country.

The company also requested all future union elections be held in person.

Why It’s Important:

Starbucks wrote to the National Labor Relations Board, accusing the group’s officials of acting “inappropriately” during elections in Kansas City and perhaps other areas.

Because of this, and in light of the fact that 220 Starbucks cafes are pushing to unionize, the company is demanding an end to mail-in voting for union elections.

The alternative? Starbucks is demanding that all union elections be held in person, to avoid any “irregularities.”

The sudden about-face from 2020 was not lost on people.

From Twitter:

During the 2020 election, Starbucks ran ads encouraging Americans to vote by mail.

Now, Starbucks is trying to suspend mail-in ballots in their nationwide union elections due to alleged misconduct in the voting process.

You can’t make it up!

Even Trump Jr. had something to say about this.

From Twitter:

Noted right wing insurrectionists Starbucks…

Despite all this, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz still pushes for mail-in voting in U.S. elections.

Oh, I see. So, when union elections are being held, Starbucks wants measures to ensure no cheating can happen (and to make it harder for workers to vote).

But when fraud and “irregularities” make it so Democrats conveniently win… they’ll all for mail-in voting?

So, yeah, what’s a strong word for hypocrite?

Key Takeaways:

  • Starbucks is pushing to end mail-in voting, for union elections.
  • The company cited “inappropriate” behavior on the part of the National Labor Relations Board.
  • The company has, and continues, to push for mail-in voting for U.S. elections.

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