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Supreme Court Gets Brutal Message from Texas – And Every American Should Applaud This


The state of Texas is in a legal fight with the Biden administration over the crisis at the southern border. Biden’s policies are allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to cross daily into the Lone Star state.

Texas was pushed to the brink last year and began a program that built barriers along the border with Mexico. The state spent $9 billion on its border security program, called “Operation Lone Star.” This included miles of shipping containers and razor-sharp concertina wire as barriers.

Biden’s team didn’t like the tough stance from Texas and allowed its border patrol agents to undermine the barrier effort by cutting the wire. A court battle broke out, but Texas wouldn’t back down after a lower court sided with the federal government.

That prompted the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to pause an injunction against Texas. The feds quickly appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and Texas upped the stakes.

From the Washington Examiner:
“As the district court documented in detail, video evidence shows federal agents ‘cutting multiple holes in the concertina wire for no apparent purpose other than to allow migrants easier entrance further inland,’” Texas Solicitor General Aaron Nielson wrote, asking the Supreme Court to reject the Biden administration’s petition for review.

The state contends the federal government does not have the right to destroy Texas’s property and claims “eyewitness observers” reported Border Patrol agents “facilitat[ing] the surge of migrants” into Eagle Pass, Texas.

Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office argued an intervention by the Supreme Court is unnecessary because the 5th Circuit has expedited oral arguments over the dispute early next month.

Biden’s team whined to the high court that the state’s barriers “impede” Border Patrol agents’ “ability to apprehend and inspect migrants under federal law.”

The crisis at the southern border shows no signs of improving with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. daily, including up to 5,000 migrants crossing the border near Eagle Pass each day in recent weeks.

Biden’s administration continues to allow the crossings as border towns and states struggle to handle the surge. Eagle Pass, a town of 28,000 residents, is heavily strained in keeping up its medical facilities.

Major cities across the country are feeling the brunt of the crisis with tens of thousands of migrants being bussed or flown into the urban areas. But the crisis is still affecting border states the most, with Texas digging in to fight against Biden’s actions.

Source: Washington Examiner