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Supreme Court Makes Shock Texas Decision – Nobody Thought They’d Do This


Not too long ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Texas in its ongoing fight with the Biden administration. The court decided Biden’s DHS had the power to remove razor wire put up to stop illegal immigration.

Texas is on the front lines fighting Biden’s apparently deliberate open border agenda. The state passed a law that made illegal immigration into Texas a crime.

Biden, naturally, sued. A lower court made a ruling on the law. The issue went to the highest court in the land. And, once again, the Supreme Court gave a huge win to the Biden administration—which could let in even more illegal aliens.

From ABC News:
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has issued an administrative stay to temporarily block Texas’ strict immigration law, SB 4, from going into effect after the Biden administration asked the court to intervene.

The law remains blocked until March 13 at 5 p.m. ET to give the justices time to decide how to proceed. Alito also gave Texas until the evening of March 11 to respond the Biden administration’s request.

Even though over 7 million illegal aliens have entered the country since 2021, the Supreme Court issued a temporary block of a state law banning illegal immigration. The law made the practice a criminal offense, allowing law enforcement at all levels to arrest illegal immigrants.

The law also gave judges the power to order the deportations of those who illegally entered Texas from outside the U.S.

By putting this law on hold, the court is preventing Texas from proactively stemming the tide of illegal immigration started under Joe Biden. The Biden administration has allowed millions of migrants to enter the country illegally. It has gone out of its way to prevent Texas from ending the border crisis.

It is unknown why the Supreme Court, including conservative justices, is unwilling to allow states to protect their borders from illegal immigration. An older SCOTUS ruling decided that states did not have the power to deport illegal aliens, giving sole power to protect our borders to the federal government.

The failed Biden administration has proven how inadequate that policy has become. If a Democrat administration refuses to deport illegals, then the only way the borders can be defended is by state governments.

It’s unknown if the court is even aware or concerned with the existential threat Biden’s border crisis poses to the United States. Should it continue unabated, the country as we know it will soon cease to exist.

Source: ABC News