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Dershowitz Unloads Truth Bomb on Fani Willis – Then He Gives Voters a Direct Order


Things just got uglier for the woman who wants to put former President Donald Trump behind bars. Trump has been forced to fight a partisan prosecutor hell bent on getting Trump and many others who have supported him.

The case against Trump seemed to be going smoothly for the prosecution charging Trump for election interference. The state had secured multiple guilty pleas and convictions of people associated with Trump.

Then the dark side of the prosecutor and her team was brought to light as her case started to crumble. Now a highly regarded constitutional scholar has given voters an ultimatum if they want to preserve justice.

From the Daily Caller:
Alan Dershowitz blasted Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Wednesday, saying voters should vote the embattled prosecutor “out of office” over allegations of conflict of interest.

“She may have made a phone call to one of the potential witnesses, telling him not to speak to anybody. There are people in jail for that,” Dershowitz said. “I’ve been practicing 60 years. I have never seen a stupider, stupider district attorney, than one who would commence a sexual affair with the man who she either just hired or was about to hire in the most important case of her life, and the most important case in the history of Fulton County.”

He was adamant in his hope that Fulton County voters would agree with him and throw Willis out of office. The Fulton County judge in the case may toss her out of the courtroom sooner than later.

The judge is currently considering whether to grant a motion for Willis’s disqualification filed on Jan. 8. One of Trump’s co-defendants alleged that Willis hired Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor to help probe and prosecute the former president while she was in a romantic relationship with Wade.

Dershowitz highlighted testimony from Willis where she referenced a phone call to a potential witness before the trial started where she said, “they’re coming for us.” Dershowitz said that meant she believed the defense attorneys would dig into her actions and she was instructing the potential witness how to react.

“And so, if she’s telling people not to cooperate with law enforcement, that could be witness tampering and obstruction of justice,” Dershowitz said.

Allegations about conflicts of interest by Willis stem from her relationship with Wade. Defense attorneys have claimed their relationship started before the trial. They allegedly went on expensive trips paid for by Wade. Phone records also appeared to show Wade visited Willis almost three dozen times in 2021 at a condo she owns.

Wading through the testimony of Willis and Wade has been a challenge with various allegations that they lied about their relationship and when it started. The defense claims Willis is not qualified to prosecute the case against Trump and the co-defendants.

Source: Daily Caller