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Supreme Court Upends Trump Case – Unanimous Ruling Could Put an End to DA’s Crusade


What’s Happening:

When the left-leaning, politically-motivated New York DA announced his indictment against Trump, he sealed the charges. This gave the liberal media several days to speculate on this witch hunt, building up the narrative that Trump was guilty before the trial even began.

But, when the charges were officially announced, things weren’t as cheery as the left hoped. The DA’s entire case against Trump hangs on the claim that he “intended” to commit other crimes. It doesn’t seem the DA has ammunition to prove this charge, giving Trump a big advantage. And he’s looking to the Supreme Court to shut this scheme down.

From Just the News:

But a “Bridgegate” case involving on-again, off-again Trump pal Chris Christie may give the defense team some of its most fertile ground to attack the prosecutor’s allegations that the former president was engaged in a conspiracy to defraud. All 34 felonies filed against the former president alleged he falsified his company’s documents with an “intent to defraud” and hide hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Back in 2020, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court in a case called Kelly vs. United States overturned the convictions of former Gov. Christie’s aides in New Jersey in a scandal involving the closure of bridge lanes. The justices ruled the defendants couldn’t be convicted in a conspiracy to defraud without proof they sought to steal someone’s money or property.

It appears Trump’s legal team has many options for challenging the DA’s case. But the strongest appears to involve a Supreme Court ruling going back to 2020. The highest court in the land dismissed a case against former Gov. Chris Christie, which alleged he intended to break the law.

The court decided that someone can’t be convicted of intending to commit a crime, without proof they were trying to do so. It seems DA Bragg is wagging his finger at Trump, accusing him of wanting to commit a crime. But the DA doesn’t have evidence of a crime.

It’s pretty much what conservatives were expecting. As in the Russia hoax, the impeachments, and everything else the left threw at Trump, Democrats are assuming he did something wrong. The pesky thing is, they don’t have the evidence to prove it.

As we’ve said from the very start, Democrats launched this shocking case, just to tarnish Trump’s reputation. It doesn’t matter if the indictment is provable or not. They have every MSM outlet harping that Trump has been “indicted.” They will keep pushing that to 2024, hoping voters will turn their backs on him.

Even if and when this case ends in Trump’s favor, the Democrats will push that narrative.

Key Takeaways:

  • DA Bragg’s charges against Trump were unsealed, revealing the weaknesses in his case.
  • The DA is accusing Trump of intending to commit a crime, but appears to lack the evidence.
  • The Supreme Court dismissed a similar criminal case in 2020, which lacked evidence to prove conspiracy.

Source: Just the News